Hybrid Integrated Circuits Market 2022 – Rising Trends, Analysis With Top Key Players

Hybrid integrated circuits, HIC or hybrid microcircuit is a miniaturized electronic circuit constructed of individual devices, such as semiconductor devices (such as transistors and diodes) and passive components such as (resistor, inductors and capacitors), bonded to a substrate or printed circuit board (PCB). Sometimes, the hybrid circuits are also encapsulated in epoxy. A hybrid circuit serves as a component, on a PCB in the same way as a monolithic integrated circuit, the main difference between the two devices is how they are manufactured and constructed.

Thick film technology is mostly used as the interconnecting medium for hybrid integrated circuits. The use of screen printed thick film interconnect provides advantage of versatility over thin film although feature sizes may be larger and deposited resistors wider in tolerance. Multi-layer thick film is a technique for further improvements in integration using a screen printed insulating dielectric to ensure connections between layers are made only where it requires. These HIC are very useful with many advantages such as, components that cannot be used in the monolithic IC can be used in hybrid IC such as capacitor of large value, wound components, crystals, inductors, the circuit diagram is complete freedom in the choice of resistor value in thick film technology, the composition and dimension of the circuit can be selected to provide the desired values, the final resistor value is determine by the design and can be adjusted by the laser trimming, and many such benefits. The competency of hybrid integrated circuits to choose resistor value in thick film technology and selection of the composition and dimensions of resistors value is expected to drive the hybrid integrated circuits market of hybrid integrated circuits. More over low cost related to the hybrid IC’s is also expected to boost the hybrid integrated circuits market during forecast period. However the bigger size and low speed related to the hybrid IC’s may hamper the global hybrid integrated circuits market during forecast period.

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The global hybrid integrated circuits market is segmented on the basis of types, application, and region. On the basis of type, the hybrid integrated circuits market has been segmented into semiconductor devices, passive components and others. The semiconductor segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate in the forecast period followed by the passive components segment. By application, the hybrid integrated circuits market has been segmented into avionics and defense, automotive, telecoms and computer industry, consumer electrons, and other applications. The avionics and defense as well as the automotive segment are expected to grow at the fast rate in the rate in the application segment.

In the region wise study, the global hybrid integrated circuits market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. North America which comprises The United States, Canada and Mexico captured significant market share followed by Europe and Asia Pacific in 2017. Asia Pacific showed the fastest growth rate during the forecast period due to the emerging economies. China represents huge potential for the hybrid integrated circuits with the low cost of raw materials and huge production facilities in the country. However, The U.S is expected to exhibit high market growth over the forecast period owing to its early technological advancement and high capital expenditure.

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The global hybrid integrated circuits market is highly fragmented with number of companies operating in the segment. Leading players are currently focusing on providing cost competitive products and add-on features to gain market share. Some of the companies operating in hybrid integrated circuits market are Crane Interpoint, VPT(HEICO), MDI, MSK(Anaren), IR(Infineon), GE , Techngraph , AUREL s.p.a., Cermetek, JRM, Siegert, ISSI, Custom Interconnect, Midas ACT, E-TekNet and others.

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