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Google receives about 90 percent of all search requests. And the first top links that come in search results always get the most traffic. That’s how essential search engine optimization is in terms of your web app’s success. No surprise startups think about SEO long before development starts and deliberately choose the technology masses for their projects. Although React is the most wanted framework for building richly interactive web apps, there are a lot of matters related to its SEO-friendliness. In this blog, you’ll discover how you can rely on React when creating an SEO-friendly software output, see the main hindrances that prevent React from being SEO-friendly, and get close with the best methods to make your web app engaging to Google. 

To explain the React web app problem with SEO, we need to know how Google bots work and what common obstacles React solutions meet.SEO is crucial as it keeps the search results. It excludes or decreases the probability of managing search results. In the lack of SEO, it would be much easy to manipulate the search results. Another thing that makes SEO so unique is the point that it’s cost-effective. Several companies pay a fortune on paid ads for better reach; however, not all businesses have that extravagance as they are running on a very tight record. SEO is a blessing for those companies. As it provides them a cost-effective way to drive enough traffic without spending on it. The search engine utilizes web crawlers to discover any website’s ranking on the search results.

A web crawler is blank but a bot whose job is to periodically visit the web pages and examining them as per the particular criteria placed by the several search engines. Every search engine has its crawler. For instance, Google’s crawler name is Googlebot. The Googlebot searches pages’ link by link to collect necessary information on multiple features like website freshness, content uniqueness, and the complete number of backlinks. Not only this, but it also downloads HTML and CSS data and then transmits that data to the Google servers.

What is SPA, and why it must be use React?

A single-page application is a web app that works inside the browser and doesn’t require page reloading while it’s in working. It is due to its content is completed in a single HTML page and this page is updated dynamically; yet, it doesn’t reload with each user interaction.

Apps like Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, GitHub, and Twitter are cases of single-page applications. The significant benefit of a well-configured SPA is the user experience (UX). It’s because the user can encounter the natural environment of an application without interruption with a page reload or some other thing.

To form a SPA, developers can handle any of the leading JavaScript frameworks which are React, Angular, and Vue. Among frameworks, React is the most prevalent among the developers. React is the developer’s first choice when it comes to improving SPAs because of its component-based design that makes it simple to reuse the code and divide the generous application into smaller pieces. Also, the preservation and debugging of large SPA projects are way more relaxed than that for large multi-page apps. React library supports every current browser, which involves older versions as well.

Challenges associated with SPA optimization for search engines:

Optimization of single-page applications is a difficult job as it includes several challenges. It is a clear container that is then loaded with the content integrated by JavaScript. Furthermore, you will also need a browser for operating the characters into the SPA. Simply after that; it will be able to place the web pages dynamically. Soon, when the search engine bots view any SPA website, then they won’t be able to crawl the page. They can only crawl it if the entire content is now renewed in the user’s browsers.

If bots don’t find any appropriate content, then they will see your website as empty and inadequately constructed. If this occurs, then the search engine won’t list your website or web application. These are not the only objects that make React development so challenging concerning SEO. Let’s have a peek at some other causes one by one.

Insufficient crawling stage

Search engine bots have a short window of opportunity in which, they crawl the different pages of the websites. In this limited period, it analyses as many pages as potential. However, once the time is completed, it will solely depart your website no matter what. It also suggests that if your website takes a long moment to load, execute the code, and parse, it will only give the site as its crawling period has already been terminated.

One URL for every page

It is one of the greatest drawbacks of SPAs. It’s doesn’t produce that much difficulty if there’s only one web page on the website. However, in the case of a multi-page website, if that one URL is not renewed then it becomes almost impracticable for the search engines to index the page.

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Next.js for search engine optimization

Experts have concluded that Next.js is a potent tool to solve the SEO problems of single-page applications. 

Next.js is a JavaScript framework for building static server-rendered apps. It has a collection of skills that allow even heavily loaded SPAs to perform on the server without a glitch. Uber Marketplace, Hilton, PlayStation Competition Center,, Invision, and many different popular projects use the Next.js framework because of its modest but compelling features. 

How to secure your React website SEO-friendly?


Pre-rendering is applied when search bots can’t render your pages correctly. Special applications that appropriate offers to your website and, if the offer is from a bot, pre-renders convey a cached static HTML version of your website.

Server-side rendering

Client-side rendering indicates that a browser and Google bot become blank HTML files or files with limited content. 

Final Words

All difficulties are attainable, and they unquestionably don’t execute it worth avoiding React and all its incredible abilities.

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