How To Treat Burns On Scalp

What is Burning of scalp

In winter weather can leave your scalp dry or itchy. Heat and humidity, on the other hand, may leave your scalp feeling prickly. Like the rest of your skin, your scalp can burn with sun exposure. Scalp tingling can also be caused by: Is tingling scalp connected to hair loss? Scalp symptoms can be connected to hair loss.

Symptoms of Scalp burn

There are four basic symptoms of burning of scalp

  1. Burning scalp sensation
  2. Pin-pricking sensation when the scalp is touched
  3. Itchy scalp
  4. Redness and irritation on the scalp


So there are so many treatments of burning of scalp, we are sharing best treatment with you.

Treatment with Healing Oils

A simple and essential treatment for burning of scalp is oiling. Now for oiling healing oils are best for burning of scalp. If you are facing this problem, we highly recommend you to use healing oils. You will definitely see the best results.

Bleach Perms Coloring and Chemicals?

From the chemicals that can burn your delicate skin on your head that include bleach or bleaching treatments for the hair, perms, relaxers, chemical straightening and more. These can damage the scalp and the hair in a pretty big way. But what can you do about them once the burn has happened. The result can be in a scalp scab that is easily irritated. Many people complain that these scabs won’t go away or they take a long time to heal. They can scar and they can even prevent hair from growing where the burn actually occurs.

So please don’t use perms coloring and chemicals on your hairs while you are facing the problem of burning on scalp.

Scabs and Scars From Burns On The Head

One of the best oils that you can use is emu oil for scalp burn scabs on the scalp and anywhere on the body. Emu Oil is considered the top healing oil and has been studied and tested for scabs, burns, acne scars, skin scars and much more. It is considered antibacterial and anti fungal and does an amazing job of reducing inflammation but also by giving the delicate skin all that it needs to produce healthy new skin cells. The more important thing is finding a High Grade or Premium Grade Emu Oil. This is the most important part as many companies sell oils that have been cut or filtered way down. You want the premium natural oil with all the fatty acids. These fatty acids in their natural form are amazing for skin and hair growth. Also available in Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.