How to Remove Virus from Android Phone in Easy Steps

It is quite rare to get a virus in your Android phone, but if witness your phone behaving in a weird manner without any reason, then there might be a chance that your Android phone is affected with a malicious virus.

Virus and Malware

Android malware and viruses may enter into your android phones in the form of fake applications which might gather your personal information for the third parties and collects your private data, and later on threat you and demand for a ransom to retrieve the data back.

Different viruses can harm your android phone by entering into your files and storage. A virus can be installed in your android phone with or without your consent. Check out the collection of Michael Jackson Costume on Star Wars Jacket.These viruses can generate codes in your phone which can manipulate your regular activity cycle and take control over your information and files.

Is your Android phone exposed to viruses?

As rare it is for android phones to be infected with virus and malware, there is a chance of having your phone affected with viruses that could harm your device and threaten your personal information. There aren’t any visual effects which may acknowledge you with the virus, but there are a few signs that you can look out for. Give the following a read:

1.    Unexplained data usage

If you have noticed a sudden change in data usage, then there might be a possibility that your android phone has been attacked by a virus.

2.    Crashing of applications

App crashing can happen, but if you witness the crashing of apps from time to time, then there might be a chance that your android phone has been affected with a virus.

3.    Faster battery draining

A virus in your android phone can use up a lot of energy, which will result in the draining of your battery incredibly faster. If you have been noticing that your phone’s battery is draining faster than before, then you must get your phone checked.

4.    Pop up ads

Pop-up ads are common to experience; you can even block them by using ad block browser extension. But when a virus attacks your android phone, you can notice pop-up ads coming up over and over again even when the browser is closed.

5.    Apps that you haven’t downloaded

Malware can install apps by its own and share your personal data over it to the third party. Look out for any unfamiliar app.

6.    Increased phone bill

Malware strain can infect your phone by sending SMS messages from your android phone which will charge you extra and eventually increase your phone bill.

What might happen if your Android phone has been attacked by a virus?

  • Cybercriminals might inject your android phone with viruses to generate their income.
  • Malware and viruses have the audacity to attack your android phone and steal your personal information.
  • Virus might forcefully view you web pages that you might not want to see.
  • Your contact list can be stolen by Information stealers; which threatens your personal information like, address, phone number, location and passwords.
  • These viruses can help the hackers to encrypt your personal data and demand a ransom in order to decrypt it.

Easy steps to remove virus from Android phones

The following easy steps will let you remove the virus from your Android phone. If you have noticed any sign which indicates the presence of a virus in your phone, try these:

1.    Try powering off and rebooting

Power off your phone and restart in a safe mode. You can press the power button along with the volume down button and force a reboot to ensure that any virus that has been infecting your phone might get carried away as you restart your phone with a safe mode.

2.    Check for suspicious apps

Look for the suspicious app in your Settings and uninstall it. This might not eliminate the virus, but it will reduce the factor of spreading it to other apps.

3.    Delete infected apps

Check the other infected applications and uninstall them as well. Viruses can infect other apps as well, so to be on a safe side, try recognizing the apps with an irregular behavior and delete them.

4.    Install a mobile security app

By installing a robust mobile security app, you can prevent further virus attacks.


Ensure to keep your android phone free from virus, as it may harm your phone and be a threat of misuse of your personal data. We hope that the above-mentioned article has been a help for you and if you have been witnessing any sign mentioned about, do follow the easy steps to remove virus from your android phone. Stay safe, stay connected.