How To Make Your Paint By Numbers Experience More Exciting

Paint by numbers on its own is fun, exciting, engaging and entertaining. But even so, there are a lot of great ways you can do to make the paint by numbers experience even more exciting. Some are not open to the idea of trying this activity out as they feel like it is boring and a complete waste of time, but actually, there are a lot of great and effective ways to hype up the experience.

Ways To Make The Paint By Numbers Experience More Fun

There are a lot of other ways to elevate your normal paint by numbers experience, if you are clueless on how to do it, here are some of the things you can consider:

  • Listen to good music while painting

Sure, music can definitely help you focus more and also give this activity more life. Actually, to anything that you do, if there is music on the background, you can be more motivated to work and it can also give your ear an additional entertainment to make you feel good and feel more relaxed.

A background with a good music is a lot better than a quiet and blank background. Go for a music you know can put you in a good mood and can make you work even more.


  • Inspire yourself

To make this activity more exciting, inspire yourself. You can think about the person you are planning to give this gift to or you can actually choose a photo of your loved ones or anything that is special to you.

A smile can easily be achieved if you think about your love, more so if you are preparing for something that you know can make her heart melt. While doing this activity, why not think of the person you are planning to give the gift to. For sure, you will be more motivated and at the same time inspired if you do this.

Also, a future photo of you and your loved can also be a good idea, if you want this activity be more symbolic, dramatic and purposeful.

  • Do it with a loved one

Of course, who can make any activity more fun and exciting than people close to your heart? Doing this activity with your loved one is a good idea. If this you consider, you are not only making this activity more fun but you are also giving your family the chance to bond and create good memories together.

Invite your loved ones and do this activity together. For your subject, you can go for photos that are related to family, love, etc. If you want it more personalized, you can have your family or couple photo be turned to a paint by number canvass.

There are many shops that require paint by numbers adults (malen nach zahlen erwachsene) policy especially for portraits that are personalized like your family photo, your portrait etc. Hence it is only but necessary that you are assured of what photo would you like to personalized before sending it over to the shop.