How to Communicate Effectively?


At each and every step of life, one has to converse – be it with friends, relatives, family, peers, and colleagues. When you are conversing daily at home or in office casually, it does not appear to be difficult. A major difficulty arises when you need to converse with a vastly different group of people and that too on topics that you do not have much knowledge. Here we need more confidence to converse freely.

A person with good communication skills leaves a good impression on everybody around him. He becomes popular too in his social groups. Is it really difficult to be like one? The answer is yes and no – yes as it is a bit difficult but not as it is a skill that can be learned gradually like all other skills.

What are the basics of a good conversation?

  • Firstly, you need to have a vast knowledge of interesting topics on various subjects. One should gather general knowledge and facts in different and varied fields.
  • Reading a newspaper on a daily basis provides ample information. Make a habit to read articles thoroughly from all pages and not just the headlines.
  • Read about current affairs on various magazines or online portals. Listen to news regularly to get yourself updated.
  • Not only this, but you can also read different novels with different outlooks to improve upon your vocabulary. Trust me; it will surely help to converse in a flow.
  • Indulge in a habit of discussion with people on different subjects and try to listen to their points of view.

Learn the art of a good conversation

  • Pick up a topic that is likely to be of interest to major gatherings depending upon the age group, gender, interests of people.
  • The topic should be according to the occasion. Like in a party, you must talk on light-hearted topics and not on some criminal cases.
  • You should also listen and observe what others are saying.
  • Switch to another topic if you think people are losing interest.
  • Let everyone participate and never dominate others during a conversation.
  • Also encourage shy people in the group to talk and participate.
  • Be careful about any careless comments and indifferent behavior of an odd person. Of course, you cannot rule out such a person but be alert and try to control the situation.
  • Whenever you are attending a party, you must appreciate the host for his or her efforts.
  • Avoid discussing anyone’s personal affairs in groups. Gossips are worst.
  • Remember not to show off your superiority as you need not convince anyone as you are only participating in discussions.
  • It is very important to wait for another person to complete before giving your opinion. Interrupting the other person without his permission is bad. If you do it by mistake, then apologize.
  • Avoid bad humor and vulgar talks and try to include good humor as humor is a conversation winner.

It is more important to learn how a person speaks rather than what he speaks. Work on your pronunciation and speech delivery. It is one of the most important skills you need to learn for a good conversation. You can follow good blogs to read more posts like these.