How to change Chromecast Wifi Network?


Google Chromecast is the micro casting tool that transmits media contents from the small screen like Android or Tablets to the widest screen of a TV. Chromecast can be plugged into your Television’s HDMI port to stream video contents from various services like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the google play store and much more. You can operate this device using your smartphone or computer.

One of the biggest benefits of having Chromecast is highly flexible. But you have to change the WiFi network for every new location wherever you go because it could recognize only a single WiFi network at a moment.

If your previous Chromecast WiFi network is in active mode, Changing the Chromecast WiFi network is pretty easy

How does Chromecast work?

The device Chromecast not only shares the contents from phone to Television, in some cases Chromecast plays the contents which we wish to stream. Chromecast telecasts high-quality video content with its own connection. But some contents are not accessible in the Android phone because of its largest capacities. For instance,  Chromecast Ultra can be connected to a 4K TV to stream 4K video contents, but it cannot be connected to your Android phone.

Using Chromecast you can stream movies, TV shows, photos and much more from Androids, tablets, iPhones, smartphones, iPads and much more. With chrome browser using Windows, Computer, Macs and Chromebooks you can stream live with all possible sites.. Having Google Home app will help you to operate your Chromecast.

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How to change Chromecast WiFi Network 

Changing the WiFi network is easy and simple. Follow the below -given steps to change your WiFi network,

Step-1: Turn on the TV to which your Chromecast is attached.

Step-2: Open Google Home App through your iPhone or Android.

Step-3: Tap your Device to setting

click to change wifi network chromecast

Step-4: Go to General setting -> Wifi network -> you can find currently connected network and available network

Step-5: Click to change the wifi network -> forget the Wifi network

Step-6: Then you can connect to the new network

But sometimes your phone fails to recognize the new WiFi network on Chromecast when the Router is altered.  So you will get problems in your Android or iPhone when you change the WiFi network connection. In such cases, the best thing to do is to reset the Chromecast. Following steps helps you to Reset your WiFi network,

  • Check whether your Chromecast is supported to your TV with the complete power supply.
  • Hold the reset button for 15 minutes.
  •  Eject the reset button from holding.
  • Then Chromecast will automatically reboot and Reset.
  • Now you can set-up a new WiFi network for your Chromecast.

Fix Chromecast Not working Issue

  • When you face a problem with your Chromecast, restart the device as the very thing, so that it will reconnect.
  • When your Chromecast fails to connect, change the WiFi network connection of your Chromecast. Check whether your software is revised once you find your Chromecast is connected.
  • If your Chromecast is not imaging the app which you wanted to stream, check whether your phone has a proper network connection. Apps can be displayed only if you have a good network connection.
  • When your phone stops telecasting the streaming video contents, restart your phone first. If restarting doesn’t work, switch off your Chromecast.


When your phones are connected to the Chromecast devices then you can operate the television through your phones and tablets as a remote. This small Chromecast device works a lot. We hope this article will help you surely.