If a person is thinking about how they can legally become a medical marijuana vendor in their state, or they already are one and would like to know the ins and outs of the industry, this post covers the topic. Here we will dive into what becoming a medical marijuana vendor entails.

Anyone Can Apply to Become a Medical Marijuana Vendor

To clear up any confusion, anyone can apply to become a medical marijuana vendor. This is for legal reasons so that the industry can be legally structured. It doesn’t mean that everyone can magically become successful, but it does mean that anyone with the drive to do so will have the opportunity.

Application Process

Each state has its unique application process. The steps vary, but here are some general guidelines. The fees you pay will also be different, but the same basic application process will apply.


Before an individual can apply, they need to meet certain qualifications depending on the county or state that they are in. Some of these requirements may change, so it’s best to check their state’s licensing laws or contact their local medical marijuana office for more information.


Some medical marijuana vendors will be required to produce the medicine in the same town they are in. They will go through the process of growing their own medicine. So they need to come up with how to increase cannabis yields, troubleshoot any issues, and deal with any issues that may arise during the production process.

Live Scan

Another requirement for becoming a medical marijuana vendor is a live scan. This only applies in a few states, but it’s worth mentioning because live scans can cost a lot of money depending on where they go. In some cases, the fee to have their fingerprints taken by a professional can cost up to $200 just for the service itself.

Background Checks

Some state’s requirements for becoming a medical marijuana vendor are that they have to undergo background checks. The process varies, but the one thing that all states require is that applicants must complete a state-sponsored criminal background check. It’s always best to double-check the policies in your state before applying.


If they consider becoming a medical marijuana vendor, be sure to note taxes. It may be difficult to determine, but taxes can cost up to 40%. When you file taxes, the state will require that person to list what their gross income was and taxes will be subtracted from this income.


Different counties and states have different fees. As mentioned above, the fees are related to the application process. For example, in some places, they will get charged a fee per application that they submit.


There are some places where they will be required to have a scale on hand during business hours so that customers can see what their products weigh. This is so there is transparency with the customers and their purchases. Having a scale may not be in the best interest of all vendors, so if they do have a scale, it’s a good idea to have some sign that says the scale is used for transparency purposes only.


After producing their medicine, some medical marijuana vendors will open up a dispensary to sell their medicine to customers. The purpose of opening a dispensary is to increase the profitability of their business. Again, this depends on the state or county where they are located.


Another thing to keep in mind is the safety of their employees. In some places, medical marijuana vendors may have to provide a safe for workers. This may be in the form of a safe room with locks.


After setting up their operation and satisfying the requirements, some medical marijuana vendors will be required to get a license. The specific requirements take various forms depending on the state or county they are in. However, once they have applied for a license, it is possible to work with local government officials to help navigate the process. The government will help with applications, inspections, renewals, etc…

Becoming a medical marijuana vendor is not impossible. It just takes time, patience, and someone willing to put the initiative into their project. Ultimately, becoming a medical marijuana vendor is all about being self-driven and willing to work hard enough to get the job done.