How Peptides Help You Regain Hair Quality

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Who does not want thick and healthy hair that was found everywhere until a few decades back? However, modern-day factors like bad eating habits, stress, and Alopecia Areata (AA), can stop you from achieving your hair goals. The problem may become significant as you grow old, and your body starts losing nutrients. But not to worry because peptides can help you regain your hair without much hassle. Peptides are small proteins present in every cell of your body, and they are mostly known for their skincare benefits. If you want to know any more about this compound, click here

Now that you know what peptides are let’s move on and see how they work for your hair growth. 


Peptides For Hair

Peptides are usually known for their signal sending property, where they signal the brain to perform in a certain way. That is precisely how they work for your hair. The peptides present in your hair growth organs send messages to the brain for stimulating positive changes. Plus, peptides provide the due amino acids that your hair lacks for growth. 

You can find three types of peptides in the market for hair development:


Copper Peptides

Copper peptides are naturally found in the human body, but its levels drop with age. So you need to provide extra supplements to cope with the loss. Here are a few benefits that copper peptides can impart to your hair.

  • Blood Flow Stimulation: Experts recommend to massage your hair regularly because it increases the blood flow in the scalp. But it is not as useful as copper peptides. The compound is proven to stimulate the blood flow in your scalp that can profit in hair growth. 
  • DHT Block: DHT is a type of hormone found on your scalp, which stops the hair from growing. Copper peptides help in blocking these hormones and making your hair grow. 
  • Collagen And Elastin: Brittle and damaged hair are one of the primary reasons behind hair loss. Copper peptides are known for their collagen and elastin restoring properties. So they can help in making hair stronger and reducing the damage. 


Biomimetic Peptides

Copper peptides are the most popular type of peptides. That is why many people do not even know about biomimetic peptides. Their structure is similar to the natural peptides that are found in your body. So they work exactly like the natural ones by regulating the cellular body metabolism. They are known not just for hair regrowth, but also for skin rejuvenation and fat reduction. Biomimetic peptides are also used for various purposes in the cosmetic industry. 


Thymic Peptides

Another type of peptides is the thymic peptides. The thymus has always been known for its immunity restoring properties. It was widely used in medicines for the same reason. Thymic peptides’ hair regrowth feature has been explored only recently. A study was conducted, proving that the compound provided benefits to people dealing with disorders like AGA and TE. Unlike others, this has extreme therapeutic advantages and can be used by a variety of people. 



Peptides may seem like a simple component that can be used to cure problems such as aging skin and hair loss. However, you must understand that there are various types of peptides. You have to select one according to your problem and desired results.