How marijuana will affect your personality

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Marijuana is among the leading drugs prohibited in the entire world. The widespread ban worldwide is linked to the effects it has on users. Buying weed is done in secret where users buy weed online. The rise of many marijuana legalization movements is pressuring different countries in the world to legalize the drug. They hold on to the fact that it’s more profitable for the health of users. The efforts have made some countries to succumb to the pressure. Marijuana effects come from many human bodies’ interactions and many cannabinoids released in the plant’s body system. The following are some of the known effects.

Users are calm

The cannabidiol cannabinoid found in marijuana is assumed to be causing a calming effect in users. It makes people relax and mellow after the use of marijuana.

More anxiety in users.

Users are seen to be more anxious. The primary cause of anxiety is linked to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Anxiety in users also can result from the low cannabidiol (CBD) content. When THC is high, CBD needs to be high to counter the level. The differences are known to cause pain attacks resulting in anxiety.


Low depression levels

Users usually become less depressed when they use marijuana. They show happiness and very jovial after using it. The drug makes people detach themselves from their problems and live in the moment as if nothing is wrong. The effect is caused by it provides pain-relieving effects that combine with psychoactive high.

Paranoid users.

Many studies done have shown some parts of the brain like the nucleus accumbens and amygdala are altered every time you smoke weed. They are areas that are tasked with the body’s fears and paranoid sensations. More research is underway to clearly explain this concept because trauma is also linked to causing cannabis-based paranoia.

Suicidal behavior

The behavior is common among youths and adolescents. The link between suicidal behavior and weed consumption is indirect both in psychotic and nonpsychotic users. Suicidal behavior, apart from marijuana, is influenced by other conditions like mood disorders, stress, poor support, and personal problems, among other factors.

Mania problems

The use of cannabis Sativa by people with bipolar disorders may worsen the situation and manic symptoms in that individual.

Becoming more knowledgeable about this drug is very vital. You opt to look at both the positivity’s and negativities of weed. Prolonged use and exposure to drugs are harmful to your health. Most of the incidences discussed here are still in the proving and verification stages. Since it’s an illegal drug, avoid conflict with the government as consequences can be dire. Depending on the area you are in and the laws on weed, you can agree to buy weed online, and it will come at your doorstep. In the case of addiction, many rehabilitation centers are accessible for help.

Addiction is real, and it happens as time goes. Building yourself back to normalcy won’t be easy. It may cost you many things that could be meaningful. You may avoid it now to have an easy future.