How I am planning to make my employees happy on Christmas?

Hi, this is John Paul, from UK, Leeds. I am 36 and have started a business on antiques before three months. Being the owner of a start-up business, I cannot deny my role in countless responsibilities at the workplace.

In the last three months, I developed three departments and recruited six employees. Including me, seven people are doing great, and if I give words to my expectations, we are going to be better.

I want to give surprise to my staff – planning for it for the last two weeks

All my employees are working hard, and it is because of their collective efforts that we are performing great. I intensely feel that I should express my appreciation to them, and the approaching Christmas is giving me an excellent reason for this.

The ultimate obstruction – Arrangement of funds for the party

14 to 15 days back, I started to plan for the party, but as you know, a start-up cannot afford the luxury of official parties. It is expected to stay in its budgetary limits, one single penny left or right can leave an impact on the daily expenses.

I tried to explore all the possibilities to fit the party expenses in my monthly office budget. But all the efforts went useless, and in the end, I was hopeless.

Should I cancel the party?

When I felt that none of my plans is working, I decided to cancel the party. However, it cannot be an easy decision, as I love my employees for showing their dedication. And I was just yearning for a miracle or a help.

Should I borrow funds?

This thought came to my mind twice or thrice, but I rejected it, thinking that I should not be too emotional. Yes, I do love the people I work with or to be precise who work for me. However, I do want to be irrational in my expenses. Why take a loan for a party? That is foolish. To give rewards to them, I am already working on the increment policy.

Just three days back a lender changed my perception, and I took a loan

Being a businessperson, I usually explore things online a lot and was doing the same on Monday night this week. I just came across a pop-up advertisement of an online loan lender named The Easy Loans. There were few features mentioned on the Christmas loans. For example – instant approval decision, same-day fund disbursement, no-obligation (wowww) and most importantly, the interest rates were amazingly low.

I decided to take the loan and here is how I went through the process when I decided to apply for a Christmas loan.

  • I applied for the loan on Monday night
  • Amount – £2500
  • Got instantly approved, yippee J
  • Received funds on Tuesday afternoon (Must say, too fast)
  • Tenure is six months
  • Installments £416 absolutely bearable

I didn’t find such borrower-friendly deals on any direct lending website. I am happy to know about this lender and will surely come to this in the future too.

Finally, I have money J

I am happy that now I have adequate funds that I can use and repay effortlessly. Now I am full of energy and zeal to prepare for that hush… Christmas party for my employees. I want to make them feel that they are not working under a pathetic boss; he is equally concerned about their happiness. But you know what, this was perhaps impossible without The Easy Loans.

Now when I am all set for the party, every day I make a list of decorative stuff I will use. Oh, the menu too is sure to be unique. After all, how many times you get the excuse to spend quality time with your employees. After Christmas, we will become busy again in our daily routine hectic schedules and the same struggle with the weekly, monthly and yearly targets. If we have one chance to revive from the monotony of the whole life, why not use it well. I want to see a smile on the faces of my staff. They are there with me in vicissitudes of business. We are a big family and have learned to stay together, and I am ready to make every effort for my people.

Description – How Christmas party plan of John Paul reached its attainment after going through the bumpy roads of financial difficulties? Easy Loans gives ease in response to every financial problem.