How Do Bulk SMS Services Have Its Importance In Your Business Marketing?

Bulk SMS Services

Being living in the mobile revolution world, it is crucial for every business to stay tuned with customers in the latest technology. Bulk SMS is the most efficient and fastest method of marketing that helps in conveying information to individuals or groups of people in just a fraction of seconds. There is no doubt that this service is a smart step towards connecting with target audiences. No matter what is the size of the business, promoting a brand is of the utmost importance for any business. Bulk SMS marketing works best for any business which wishes to move in the path that nurtures expansion and growth.


So what does Bulk SMS mean to your business?

Bulk SMS is a technology that allows businesses to send messages or information to several phone numbers at a time with just a click of the phone. These messages are short and are restricted to 160 – 224 characters. It is being considered as the most common way of serving business or professional messages legally. This powerful tool lets you send messages all around the globe.

This is the perfect cost-effective option for all business types since they can market their business at affordable prices. Are you new to bulk SMS marketing? Sure this guide can help you know more about the services and its benefits to businesses.


Why should you consider Bulk SMS services?

These days almost all age groups and genders have their smartphones in their hands. This makes businesses think of utilizing most of those handheld devices for business marketing which possesses a high probability of being seen by the users. The most beneficial point with these SMS solutions is that they can be integrated easily with other marketing efforts such as email marketing campaigns or social media marketing. These services help your business to easily reach the target audience and aids in lead generation.

If you are a business owner and look for a way that can assist you in connecting instantly with the right audience group, then there cannot be any other better solution than ‘Bulk SMS marketing’. Only a few communication channels allow you to have an effective and direct way of conveying the message to the right hands.

SMS systems are the most preferred way by many of the people. Moreover they allow you to ensure whether the messages are received by the intended people or not. As you can track the message delivery, it helps you to ensure whether your bulk SMS marketing efforts are reaping the benefits as you desired.

Since SMS systems are a boon for the tech-savvy businesses, it is the high time to retarget your branding promotion with bulk SMS services.


Types of Bulk SMS services

Promotional Bulk SMS

AS the name indicates this marketing is exclusively designed for promotional campaigns and sales. This service is intended to send promo messages to non-DND numbers. This is the perfect option that businesses can make use for sending existing and new customers about the discounts, deals and offers they provide to them.

Through these promotional SMS gateway you can promote your products or services that could help in creating brand awareness in your niche. You are able to send messages to any numbers that are available in the database. However, users can’t reply to the promotional SMS services, but by providing the business contact numbers, you can ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to grab potential customers.

Most businesses find it as the best choice to promote and sell their products/services.       The constraint that you face with promotional SMS marketing is that you can’t deliver messages to non-existing and DND numbers and only limited messages can be sent.


Transactional SMS services

This is a kind of SMS marketing where businesses are allowed to send any information, notification or alert to a group of people through internet connectivity. If you are a business owner wishing to send immediate business information to your target people, then choosing transactional SMS solutions is the wise choice. Given with a 6 digit personalized sender id, you will be able to send messages around the clock. You don’t have to worry that your audience who are part of your business transaction will miss out necessary information. Now understood why does it carry the name transactional SMS services? Some renowned examples for this type of SMS marketing are: Ticket Booking, messages from insurance, health organizations, hospitals, banks, alert messages, and notifications from educational institutes and ecommerce delivery/deal notifications.

If you are a registered organization or company or bank or financial institution, then you are the person who can do transactional SMS servicing. These SMS services are compatible with DND numbers, so you can send messages to the target people without any hurdles.

You can send messages to specific numbers that are limited by TRAI- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India with this special transactional SMS service. Since organizations can please their customers through greeting messages, remind of their appointments or pending payments, spread awareness in situations when needed and send digital invitations, transactional SMS is the best plan to leverage in the business marketing campaign.


What should you look at with your service provider?

Look for a provider who can handle both the two types of SMS marketing as your business needs differ from time to time. Whether it is a transactional SMS service or promotional SMS solutions, approaching the one who provides both is the easiest method to plan your marketing campaign.

The provider you choose should serve as an intermediate between your business and telecom companies. As telecom companies are the people who give the way to reach the customers, you should ensure that the bulk SMS partner has the relevant partnership with the major telecom companies.

Make sure that the provider gives you a ready to use offer or a free sign up, as you can take a trial of their service and evaluate them. This helps in assessing their capability before making the entire plan or contract.

Check whether the service provider provides you with a high level of uptime and have less room for any errors. Those who ensure you with delivery of messages in a secure platform can do a great deal for your business growth.

You may often need to customize your marketing campaigns according to the business needs and customer expectations. Hence it is necessary that the bulk SMS services should be capable of offering customization features.


Having the capability of scheduling messages and in any language will be great.

most important aspect that should accompany a great product/service is excellent customer care. It is very good if the service provider can deliver you a report of the number of messages sent with a graphical representation.

If you can choose one that allows integrating your platform with CRM, then it is truly a smart move.

  • Although English is a common language, opting for an SMS package that gives you multi-language support is a wise business idea.
  • Look for a provider who gives you scalability and cope up with you when your business grows.
  • Best things that bulk SMS marketing can do for businesses
  • Delivered in fraction of seconds


When you just click the messages with the sending button, it’s done! Yes, you are able to reach the inbox of customers at a faster speed. If you look for an ultra-fast medium to connect with your target audience, SMS is the best way to go.


Good relationship

If you like to be in touch with customers and have long lasting relationships, SMS is the most preferred communication tool. You would not be able to find better alternatives than a smartphone contact. Although there are several modes of communication available in the digitally advanced world, still messages have their own fame.


Let your customers be updated

Most customers would like to enjoy privileges and to be the first one in availing exciting offers. If you keep them in loop through messages and intimate about promotions, deals, discounts and special offers, it’s truly a great thing for both your business and customers. Customers certainly appreciate the recognition for them with latest updates from businesses or organizations. Timely information can go a long way and can be an innovative way for good business conversions.


Open rate

Bulk SMS marketing possess greater potential in generating higher conversion rates when you compare with traditional email campaigns. When you make the messages more personalized and region specific based on buying habits of customers, then the chances for higher business conversions are more. Crispy and shorter messages will make good connections with customers and let them contact you effortlessly as you can attach the purchase link or sign up form link with messages. There are different SMS packages available with the service providers. All you have to do is to select the one that best fits the business requirements and suits the estimated budget of you.


Easy reach

When you have selected a reliable bulk SMS service provider, then you don’t have to worry about marketing.  This is because; you have chosen the best way of communicating and conveying the business messages and your marketing efforts are on the right track. The only need for sending messages is good internet connectivity. Your messages can be sent in no time and delivered instantly to the intended people.


Integrate with other marketing efforts

One of the major advantages that you can get from bulk SMS services is that you can integrate it with your other marketing campaigns. Although email campaigns are good, still you can’t expect people to always check for their mail boxes. Comparing this, integrating SMS services to your marketing efforts can boost your business growth in the desired rate.


Keep record

Whatever the method or campaign you do for business growth, unless you can’t track it, you won’t be sure about its ROI. As you can be given a delivery report of messages, you can be rest assured as the messages reach the intended group. As it is possible to have a record of messages and number of people sent, you can track the performance of the campaign easily.


Improved communication

Effective communication is the strongest tool for successful marketing efforts. Bulk SMS marketing can augment your marketing structure and serve as the best communication medium in taking your business messages or offers. Moreover, most customers would be happy if they are best served with the right deals at right times.


Hassle-free platform

The easy to use is the most beneficial point with SMS marketing. You can easily configure and manage the software. You don’t have to be an expert with technical knowledge to send messages and keep track of delivery reports.



Messages can be customized or personalized as per the recipient in a few seconds. Based on previous history of buying or buyers’ demographic behaviour you are allowed to customize the messages. If you look for this customization feature in other marketing, most probably they will be expensive. But with SMS services you can get it done at affordable rates.


Wide access

With being said that there are more than 4.77 billion mobile phone users, sending messages is really a great approach to get an access to connect with those people. Whether your requirement is transactional SMS marketing or promotional marketing, everything can be done and reached out to the customers with quicker speeds. SMS marketing definitely holds an important part in reaching a larger group of people in your business marketing.


Cutting edge solution

As it increases the efficiency of your business marketing and acts as a competitive solution, you can be apart from your competitors. If you look for ways to expand and promote your products/services then achieving through SMS marketing with better return on investments is the good option. We are sure that this guide could have helped you in knowing more about Bulk SMS marketing and its benefits. Get connected to a large number of people in an easy and affordable way and reap wonderful business profits.