How Coworking Spaces Are Taking Preventive Measures to Combat Covid-19

At the start of 2022 who knew that the entire world is going to face an unprecedented situation like the COVID-19. The spread of this life-threatening, the entire business fabric has undergone a change.

Along with all the sectors, the coworking landscape has also felt the heat. Where some coworking spaces have shut down while others are struggling to maintain the status quo. In the Tricity area, a new-age coworking space Regal Hive has adopted several preventive measures to fight the virus.

Even though the sentiment is down, coworking spaces revive back and adapt to this altered work structure. How it can accommodate to the new-normal is given below.

Adaptive measures to combat COVID-19:

Go Hygenic

This is a norm for almost every coworking space in Mohali that is to maintain proper hygiene in the workspace. Regular sanitization of the standard touch-points like the doorknobs, elevator buttons, handles, washroom taps, desks, devices is imminent.

Other than this, the installation of the sanitization tunnels at the entry points of the building will reaffirm the tenant’s confidence. This can bring back the customer confidence and allow freelancers to flock back to their workspaces and hot desks.

Social Distancing

As per the government regulations, social distancing has to be followed in every public space including office spaces. As a coworking operator, you can place the hot desks at a certain distance keeping in mind the regulatory standards.
Further, the pantry and common areas can be regulated and the coworkers can be instructed not to stand in groups and wear masks.

Promoting Virtual e-meets

As a technology-enabled coworking space in Mohali, you can facilitate the apparatus to conduct virtual meetings with the members. This will promote a culture of social distancing all the while ensuring the sustainability of the productivity levels.

Maintain Personal Hygiene

By informing the coworkers about practicing healthy habits coworking spaces like Regal Hive in Mohali are promoting a hygienic culture. As a good practice, encourage coworkers to wash hands regularly and practice social distancing while working.

Can we come out of it?

Winning over such a virus that is invisible to the naked eye can only be done synergistically. As per Ajay Deep, founder of Regal Hive Coworking, every single person needs to play a responsible role and adhere to safety and hygienic practices. Coworking spaces and its members can promote good practices and encourage each other to frequently sanitize their surroundings and keep on grinding those creative neurons.