Hoof Care Instruments Market 2024 : Leading Players Envisioned By The Analysts Forecast 2030

Hoof care instruments are essential tools to perform daily care and routine trimming or shoeing of animals. These instruments are used to remove mud, dirt, or hard particles from the sole of the hoof. This helps the animal to avoid stone bruises as well as thrush infection. Hoof care instruments are reliable and safe to use. Hoof care instruments help to perform routine maintenance of hooves that include cleaning, correction of minor imperfections, and treatment of foot diseases. It helps to avoid unwanted injuries which may lead to poor balance, lameness, and decrease the comfort and performance of the animal. Rise in animal population and desire among owners to perform regular maintenance to ensure tougher hooves is expected to boost the hoof care instruments market in the coming years.

Hoof Care Instruments Market- Competitive Landscape

Prominent players participate in the fragmented market for veterinary and hoof care instruments, which target their users through a wide range of retailing channels and animal care centers. This is expected to bolster the market in the near future.

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Major players in the hoof care instruments market are emphasizing on manufacturing safe and reliable products to fulfill end-user requirements. In addition, manufacturers are targeting end-users through online channels by supplying a wide range of products.

  • Emerging players in the market are focusing on collaboration with veterinaries, animal care centers, stud farms, and farmers to enhance the sale of products and improve profitability.
  • Manufacturers are emphasizing on developing a wide range of products that help to meet the requirements of users to easily perform regular maintenance of different shape and sizes of hooves. Besides, manufacturers supply tool boxes and essential accessories to perform a wide range of hoof operations such as cleaning, trimming, and shoeing.

Neogen Animal Safety

Neogen Animal Safety is involved in manufacturing a wide variety of quality hoof care tools and products. The company distributes its products under the brand names Easy Bloc, Demotec 95, SureBond, SyrFlex, and B&B across the globe. It provides a wide range of products such as trimming discs, cutters, nippers, testers, shears, hoof knives, and cohesive wraps.

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MASTA International

MASTA International manufactures veterinary equipment made of stainless steel, iron, brass, and copper. The company provides its innovative solutions for cattle, horse, camel, sheep, and pig.

Key players in the hoof care instruments market include Evolutionary Hoof Care Products, Trim-Tec AGA Inc., Germed USA Inc., MASTA International, Revolution Enterprises, Neogen Corporation, Life Data Labs, Inc., Pedicare Professional Footcare Instruments Ltd., Proof Surgical, and Boss Tools.

Hoof Care Instruments Market Dynamics

Increase in horse ownership

Horses are considered a symbol of a greener lifestyle across the globe. Increase in disposable income and concern for the protection of horses among owners is expected to lead to demand for hoof care instruments in the next few years. Moreover, participation in horse racing and rearing of horses in stud farms has enhanced demand for hoof care instruments.

Rise in cattle, equine, and wild animal population has raised the demand for hoof care instruments

As per FAO, in the last few decades, rapid growth has been observed in cattle and wild animal population due to increased dependency of human population on farming practices, milk, food, and hides. This has boosted the demand for hoof care instruments for the protection and safety of cattle. In addition, rise in concerns related to the survival of wild animals has influenced governing bodies across the globe to adopt basic animal caring tools for protection. These are the major factors driving the growth of the hoof care instruments market.

Hoof Care Instruments Market Segmentation

Based on product type, the hoof care instruments market is segmented into

  • Hoof Picks
  • Hoof Knives
  • Hoof Brushes & Polish
  • Nail Clinchers
  • Hoof Nippers
  • Hoof Rasps
  • Others (Horseshoe Pullers, Clinch Blocks, Hoof Testers, etc.)

In terms of end-use, the hoof care instruments market is segmented into

  • Dairy Livestock & Farm Cattles
  • Horses
  • Equine
  • Others (Giraffe, Pig, Pronghorns, etc.)

Based on application, the hoof care instruments market is segmented into

  • Animal Care Centers
  • Farms
  • Veterinary
  • Others (Animal Parks, Forest, etc.)

In terms of distribution channel, the hoof care instruments market is segmented into

  • Online channel
  • Offline channel

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