Honda NSX’s new improved model

The second-generation Honda NSX revived in 2016. About three and a half years have passed since their debut, and a second-generation minor change was made. Although there has been no major change in the specifications, it is said that the tuning of the underbody has been reviewed and the handling performance has been improved.

Thoroughly revised underbody to pursue a sense of unity

The 2019 model of the second-generation Honda “NSX” was officially announced, and orders have started on the same day. Although there have been no major changes from the 2016 model, the hardware and software of the suspension have been refined, evolving the sense of unity between people and the car.

The first NSX in 1990 was released as a super sports car that anyone could enjoy, as “the release of sports.” NSX has long been a core fan’s heart because of its price and ease of riding that anyone can enjoy sports performance. The concept was inherited in the second generation, and the 2019 model was said to have mainly improved ride and handling.

Motor hybrid SH-AWD is not eco-friendly design

Honda “NSX” 2019 model officially announced. The feature is the SH-AWD system inherited from the previous model. Although it is a type of hybrid system, the design concept is different from that usually associated with a hybrid. According to the person in charge, this control can only be done by Honda at the moment.

SH-AWD is a unique hybrid 4WD system that uses one engine and three motors. In the midship NSX, the engine naturally drives the rear wheels. A battery-powered motor assist system has been added to this. The mechanism is almost the same as Honda’s i-DCD, and the motor is arranged coaxially with the engine output. Motor control mainly includes torque vectoring with torque during acceleration and regenerative braking during deceleration. There is a driving mode that emphasizes fuel efficiency, but the idea is to use the motor actively to improve driving performance.

2019 model order start, evolving dynamics performance 157,500

Honda has improved the supersport model NSX and started accepting applications for the purchase of the 2019 model from October 25. Released in May 2019. The price is $157,500. The expected delivery time is about six months to one year.

With this improvement, dynamics performance has been evolved to further improve controllability in every scene, drivability in accelerator operation, and a feeling of ground contact with the road surface, from everyday life to sports driving on the circuit. The newly developed dedicated tires have been used and the suspension components have been reviewed. The front stabilizer is 26%, the rear stabilizer is 19%, the rear control arm bush is 21%, and the rear hub is 6%.

[Test drive] Super sports AWD for “capable drivers”

Full test drive of the new Honda “NSX” 2019 model at the Sodegaura Forest Raceway. It looks almost the same, but how has that run evolved? The driver is familiar, racer Shinichi Katsura.

This time, the new Honda NSX has marked the highest speed “197km / h”, which is the second-highest in the history of 360-degree VR video.

The fastest commercial vehicle on Long Beach

On April 12, Honda’s overseas luxury car brand, Acura, recorded the fastest lap time of a commercially available car on the Long Beach, California, the United States in 2019, which is an improved new version of ‘NSX’ (Acura NSX), It was announced.

In the NSX 2019 model, tuning of chassis components, tires, and software has been changed. He responded more faithfully to the driver’s aim and boosted his performance in every situation, from daily driving to the circuit. At the limit, balance and control are improved. It is said that understeer and oversteer can be adjusted more precisely by subtle accelerator operation.

Acura U.S. sales increase for the first time in four years, NSX up 62% due to improved new models H1 2019

On July 2, Honda’s overseas luxury car brand, Acura, announced the results of new car sales in the United States in the first half of 2019 (January to June). The total sales volume is 73,767 units. The year-on-year increase was 1.5%, exceeding the previous year’s results for the first time in four years.

In the sedan category, the sports sedan “TLX” sold 13,172 units. This is the second consecutive year of decline, down 22% year-on-year. “ILX” sold 6956 units, up 25.9% year-on-year, exceeding the previous year’s results for the second consecutive year. The highest grade car, “RLX”, was 673 units, down 27% from the same period of the previous year.

A new color of first tribute to 2024 type yellow was announced on August 13

Acura, Honda’s overseas luxury car brand, will launch its 2024 NSX (Acura NSX), 2024 model, in Carmel on August 13 during the Monterey Car Week on the US West Coast Announced that it will be unveiled at Competition on the Avenue.

The current NSX was a world premiere at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show in January 2015 and has revived as a new generation of hybrid supercars. It is sold under the Honda brand. Production is limited to the new Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. About three and a half years have passed since the current model debuted in the 2019 model announced in the fall of 2018, and the first full-scale improvement was made.