Home Improvement Industries Saw The Biggest Increase in Customer Engagement over Lockdown in Data Provided by CALLCARE

Home Improvement Industries Saw The Biggest Increase in Customer

Recent statistics from CALLCARE has revealed the industries that were struck by the biggest growth in customer service calls over the lockdown.

Their clients, in fact, saw a 362% increase in calls since the start of lockdown, bearing testament to the notion that customers now more than ever are relying on brands’ customer service to communicate with them and ease their concerns.

With a 654% increase in calls, the industry that saw the biggest growth in customer calls was the home improvement sectors, which includes DIY retailers and tradesmen who fit things such as windows, carpets and doors. But CALLCARE revealed the growth in calls was actually due to people enquiring for jobs, as the UK saw unemployment rates rise and a 120% increase in people claiming for benefits since lockdown.

The finance sector saw the second-biggest increase in customer service calls which would have likely been due to people enquiring about currency exchange rates, accounts and insurance, highlighting the nation’s potential money concerns. They saw a 418% increase in calls.

Coming in at third place with significantly fewer calls than finance was the legal sector, registering at a rise of 152%. CALLCARE stated that many of these were querying their rights and wanting to find further information from solicitors and unions as the pandemic caused chaos to jobs across many industries.

The medical sector saw a 145% increase in calls, which were mostly regarding funeral insurance and recruitment, while the e-commerce industry came in as the sector with the fifth-highest increase of calls at 109%. This was the most varied sector for calls with people enquiring on topics such as home improvements, pets and fashion which was likely due to increased spending in these areas.

Gemma Harding, Client Services Director at CALLCARE highlights how these figures reflect a change in demand for different sectors over lockdown.

“In unprecedented times, major consumer shifts can entirely alter a company’s forecasted revenue projections for better or worse.

At the start of lockdown in March, not many could have predicted the massive increase in demand for home improvements and fashion wear, but the figures show exactly how the right marketing tactics and response to demand and service made those sales happen.”

It was recently announced that the United Kingdom’s GfK Consumer Confidence Index reached a new decade low as COVID hit the economy, and only since the 10th July did it start to see a slow rebuild on these figures. It has since been unchanged.

Gemma says “In order to stand the best chance of thriving, companies must utilise customer service to its fullest potential. The way businesses interact with consumers is a huge reflection on their brands and it can help to make the difference between success and failure.

Consumer confidence has dropped over the past few months because of the pandemic and although it may be rising slowly, it’s nowhere near where it was pre-pandemic. Companies need to ensure they constantly communicate with their customers and are on hand to answer any questions they may have, providing any additional help in order to help build up that consumer confidence once again.”

CALLCARE have recently created an e-book helping businesses learn how to build consumer confidence in the post-pandemic era. Learn more on how to help your business here.