Buying your home is a huge achievement. It requires a lot of effort, commitment, and hard work. You work on the major elements like Home Surge protection plans, safety, and security, etc., and then comes décor and its aesthetics.
Your work is not done even after you have settled in; you have to make effort to keep it clean and organized. If you are always short on time and cannot do much because of work, you might look for some easy ways to enhance the aesthetics in your house. Maintaining an effortlessly organized and spotlessly clean home can be easy if you work around the house smartly.
Here are some hacks that will save your time and also make sure that your house has an aesthetic appeal.

Coffee Ground for Cleaning and Degreasing

Coffee can be a good substance for cleaning clogged drains in your kitchen and bathroom. Mix coffee grounds with soap and boiling water and pour them down the drains to unclog them. Then pour in plain boiling water into the drain and your drain is good to go. You don’t need to use fresh coffee grounds for using coffee to degrease and clean residue. Use the coffee grounds leftover at breakfast and use them to rub against any residue that lies in your bathtub around the drain. This hack will leave it spotlessly clean and will save a visit from the plumber and your money as well.

Keep Your Furniture Good As New

This may seem like a hard task. All furniture loses its shine and aesthetics after some time, but you can prolong the life of your furniture by a few methods. Use essential oils to clean your wooden furniture. Essential oils like lemonwood oil, tea tree oil, etc. are great alternatives to furniture polish and can keep your furniture fresh. Very often we also find scratches on our furniture and we go about spending quite some money to get rid of them. Well, here is a hack. Use a small amount of toothpaste and rub it in circular motions on the scratch until it buffs it up. Then clean the area with a wet cloth.

Candle Wax

Candles can be a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Whether they are scented or unscented, they look good sitting on your dining table or coffee table. However, they can become a menace if they fall on your furniture or your carpet. In that case, instead of scraping it out on the furniture with a blunt object and ruining your furniture, place an ice cube on the affected area. The ice will cool down the wax and then you easily scrape it off. If candle wax falls on your carpet use a steam iron with a plastic sheet in the middle of the iron surface and wax. The wax will melt and stick to the plastic as you go over it with the steam iron.

Peel Off That Label on the Jar

Sticky hands, once you peel off a sticker from a jar, can be extremely annoying. You cannot get rid of them easily and it only causes frustration. An easier option is to use cooking oil. Apply some cooking oil onto the jar and let it sit for a few hours. Then remove the half-peeled label and it will come off easily.

Vinegar Hack

Vinegar is one of the best solutions for cleaning mirrors and microwave ovens. The slightly acidic nature makes it an excellent cleaner. Take a bowl of water and add some vinegar to it and heat it in the microwave for about five minutes. Then use a wet cloth and wipe the insides of your microwave with it. It will clean all residue and your microwave will become good as new. Similarly, you can clean mirrors and walls using vinegar. Dilute vinegar in water and soak a washcloth into it. Then use that washcloth to clean mirrors and walls.

Greasy Pots and Pans

Greasy pots and pans can be a menace to clean. They could be very difficult to scrape off the floor of pots and pans. The easier way to do that is to fill the pots and pans with boiling hot water and add into it the Alka Seltzer tablet. Let it sit like this for a while and then remove the water and clean it with dish soap.

Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic bags are useful, which is why we often store them, but they can create a huge mess once cluttered. You can organize them a hundred times and they often end up However, it is extremely difficult to find a space where you store shopping bags in an organized manner. Here is a hack! Use empty disinfecting wipes containers and neatly place shopping bags in them. You can then use them one by one when you need them.

Getting Locked of Your Room

This may be a common occurrence in your home if you have kids or pets. While they are running around the whole house, you may eventually find yourself locked out of a room as they bang the doors shut for a game of hiding and seek. There is an easy solution to that. Use a rubber band to tie one end to the doorknob and the other to the latch bolt to prevent them from closing every time.

Final Thoughts

Managing a home is not a very difficult task if you work smartly using these hacks. These hacks can be extremely useful for working people, who do not have much time to look after their homes. They save time and in some cases even money.



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