Has Online Gaming Finally Outdone Console-Based Games?


For a long time, console-based gaming was the only way to do things. Everybody had a gaming console because they were just so popular.

However, in recent years, we have seen a shift towards , and some people are arguing that it has overtaken consoles in terms of popularity. With epic titles like Fortnite dominating the world, it might be time for console games to move over.

Loyal Fans

Gamers tend to be very loyal to their favourite manufacturers, most of them joining the preorder list as soon as a new console is announced. In the last 12 months, we had seen how true this was when PlayStation 5 remained sold out for months, and fans were going to extreme lengths to get their hands on one. Sadly, this led to the rise of ‘scalpers’ who were snatching up any releases and selling them on for extortionate sums, proving without a doubt that there is still a robust market for console gaming.

Why Console Gaming Will Never Die


It may have to cope with taking second place in the popularity stakes, but experts predict that console gaming will continue to thrive. Two main elements make up a gaming experience, the software, which is a multibillion-dollar industry and the hardware, which isn’t far behind. With console gaming, the manufacturer has more control over how the software will perform if it also supplies the hardware. Making upgraded consoles so tempting gives them better control over the graphics, speed, and performance of the game, and they have gone to great lengths to build tech that optimises the work of the developers.

Online Gaming Offers No Such Controls

Although a game is released online, there will be a minimum spec for the technology used to play it; there is a lot less guarantee that the players will get the best experience and see the game in all its glory. Online games can be played on laptops and mobiles, and there are many devices by different manufacturers. So, a gamer could be trying to use a mobile or desktop optimised for work-based activities and end up with a disappointing performance, lag, freezing and poor graphics. Gaming houses cannot fully mitigate for older technology or sub-par graphics cards.

But Convenience Wins Out

So, how come online gaming is becoming more popular than console gaming? The answer is simply convenience. Although consoles are forced to maintain competitive pricing, there is no escaping the fact that they are an extra piece of kit. They also tend to be wired (even if you have wireless controllers, the unit is still plugged into the wall). This limits where and when gamers can play, an issue that doesn’t happen with mobile gaming, which can be played anytime, anywhere, if there is Wi-Fi or 4G/5G connection and people like that.

Online Gaming – Easy to Access


The thing that we do have to consider with online gaming is that it is very easy to access. That is part of the appeal. Online gaming is something that has been designed to be accessible no matter where you are, thanks to advancements such as Steam and Stadia. You don’t even need an extensive amount of technology to be able to use the software, which makes it a lot easier for people to play games.

This accessibility means that you no longer must spend hundreds of pounds on a console to be able to use games. Now anybody with a mobile phone or even a basic computer can play games online, and there’s no real commitment required. You can come away or play as much as you like

The easy accessibility of online gaming is probably the biggest draw. People live in an age where they want access to things now. They don’t want to have to wait for a game to download or install or have to buy a console and wait for it to turn up. They just want to jump in and start playing, and with the phone, or online software, you can do that any time.

The Consequences of Lockdown

When we talk about the mobile gaming industry, we have to talk about the lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic changed life in a way that no one could’ve predicted. Many people were locked down in their homes and told to stay inside to protect themselves and other people from a virus that was killing everybody.

However, the mobile gaming industry really grew as a result of all of this. People were starting to see that the world of mobile gaming was so much more accessible than console-based offerings. That made all the difference. Being able to access a game with just a mobile phone was something that people had never really experienced before in that way, and the industry took notice. Mobile gaming became so popular that it wasn’t limited to mainstream titles like Pokémon Go or Subway Surfers, people also used their handsets to play classic casino games on sites like onlinegamblingguru.com.

Dozens of new mobile games came out and were released during lockdown, and they became very popular because there were plenty of people to try them. This popularity was staggering, and it really cemented the power of mobile gaming. You didn’t need a console, you didn’t need to be in one room of the house to play, you could use mobile gaming anywhere.

You could sit in bed, you could play while you were outside in the back garden, you could play in the living room, there were no restrictions. That was unparalleled for a lot of people, and it’s cemented mobile gaming as their favourite way to do things.

Final Thoughts


Ultimately, we feel that even if mobile gaming hasn’t quite overtaken consoles just yet, it’s only a matter of time. The industry is massive, and it’s getting bigger every day, and console gaming may not be able to keep up with that.

Mobile gaming is easier, it’s more convenient, and it’s much more accessible. Most of us already have a smartphone, so being able to play games online without having to download anything, or get a specific device is very appealing. It’s probably the future of gaming, so consoles may well struggle to compete.