5 Hardest World Of Warcraft Expansions For Leveling

Playing World of Warcraft has never been easier, whether you’re a new or seasoned player. Since the introduction of the eighth expansion, “Shadowlands,” a new way for new players to enjoy each tale before starting the most recent addition has emerged: it’s enjoyable, easy, and most importantly, structured.

With all of the expansions published and all of the plot possibilities, being a new player in an MMO might be intimidating. It’s difficult to know where to go without consulting the internet. However, a new NPC now allows any player to “travel” to the expansion narrative of their choice and begin the main questline using the interface. max-level

This list categorizes your options, showing the benefits and drawbacks of each expansion in order of preference. To be clear, we’re assessing expansions based on how well they hold up today, not on their general reputation or influence—if that were the case, Wrath of the Lich King would be at the top of this list right away. It’s all about the story and the leveling experience in this game.

1. Legion

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Fans are enthralled by the characters’ reappearance in the game. Illidan and Gul’dan, two wonderful and lovable characters, are the protagonists of the main plot in Legion. The Broken Isles and the five zones’ tales are entertaining, with dramatic twists and turns that elevate the game to the top of our ranking on max difficulty.

The new class was a lot of fun to play, and we appreciated that you could select your own path through the game. The raids were enjoyable, and the new level system improved our gameplay without requiring us to use 900 buttons on the screen. It’s a fun expansion to level up, and compared to prior games, and it’s not a long game to complete. We finally saw and experienced what the titans looked like in cutscenes and why Sargeras was so determined to destroy the realm of Azeroth.

2. Shadowlands

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This is the most recent expansion, with only one major patch remaining before the conclusion, and it’s fantastic. When Sylvanas decided to betray everyone and disclose her actual intentions, the game’s drama reached unprecedented heights. Without our knowledge, the entire world shifted, and World of Warcraft became obsolete.

New zones and monsters to discover are included in the expansion. The lore was expanded to a whole new level as an entire cast of major people arose.

Each zone in the expansion had its own linear and brief plot. This gave us the opportunity to get to know each covenant and leader before things got out of hand. We were on the tip of our seats every time the main storyline with the Jailer, Anduin, and Sylvanas played out.

It may not be popular, but this extension gives up a lot of opportunities for the producers, which is a positive thing. The game felt tough and new with new raids, armors, and max-level features. To level up your game in World of Warcraft, visit https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-powerleveling-farm .

3. Cataclysm

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How do you update a planet you developed when a fresh plot is required? Bring a dragon to kick off the end-of-the-world scenario. This expansion is similar to the franchise’s “Resident Evil” in that the producers sought to improve how to play with a new way to experience the game that was easier and more entertaining. It was successful.

The game transformed not just visually as the Aspect of Death altered the world but also in terms of gameplay, which became more enjoyable and simple to play. The main story has more cutscenes, new races to play, and the world changed visually to make it different from the walkabout. And the fact that the final boss was a massive dragon engulfed in flames made the expansion even more anxious to be completed.

4. Warlords of Draenor

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The Horde and Alliance are at odds again, and the new faction leaders are enraged and ready to fight. Depending on whether you’re a reddie or a bluie – Horde or Alliance – you’ll have drastically different experiences in this expansion. Each group had its own zones where they could level up and play the story.

The fundamental premise of World of Warcraft is that no matter which group you join, you’ll have the same enjoyment and have the same opportunities to explore new areas.

However, in this expansion, which is all about factions, individuals began to grumble about each Warband. There is a zone called Zandalar where you must stop blood trolls and their gold-armored dinosaurs from resurrecting their dead blood god, which is a fantastic experience for the player.

Overall, it’s a pleasant expansion with a short completion time. The cut scenes are great, and the overall Horde against Alliance tale seemed distinct from prior expansions – although it was a little underwhelming, it came out differently than expected.

5. The Burning Crusade

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Being the first expansion, this one has a lot of potential. New races, zones, and max levels, as well as a rich lore. Back in 2007, all we wanted was more World of Warcraft in our boring lives, and it was a dream come true. But, to be honest, after all these years, would you like to enter it again? This expansion has aged and seems slow as Wow grows older, and the expansions become faster to play and more condensed on plot and quest lines.


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Finally, while all of the expansions are enjoyable and worthwhile, it is preferable to know which one is best for a first-time experience. When it’s organized and pleasant to get to know the story and level up to travel to Shadowlands, it’s no longer daunting for new players to enter a world with eight expansions to beat or buy each separately. We can’t wait to see what shocks and twists this fantastic franchise has in store for us with the last patch breathing down our necks.