Hair Care Secrets for Beautiful Hair

Hair Care Secrets

There are hair care secrets that no one tells us about.

Here you will discover eleven hair secrets stylist know but won’t tell you. I wish I knew these secrets back in the day. It would have helped me so much.

I’m going to start out with one of the best tips which is massaging your scalp, not with your fingers but with a special head spa brush. The best are those with two types of pins that have different thicknesses. They help remove dirt while giving your scalp stimulation.

The next secret stylists don’t want to tell you is using a scalp scrub once a week. I apply it right onto the scalp with a bit of water and gently massage it in. Once that’s done, I’ll gently rinse with warm water so that the entire product is gone. Your scalp would feel so clean and fresh after this.

By doing both the head spot brush massage and scalp scrub at least once a week you’re helping the hair grow faster and thicker.

When shampooing your hair, you want to start at the end and work your way to the top. This helps avoid over washing your scalp, making it dry and itchy. You don’t want to do that. Start at the bottom.

Usually I shampoo for about a minute, maybe two, to really get the gunk out and I’ll rinse it with warm water and then going to my next step.

What comes after shampoo? Conditioner, of course. When applying conditioner, you want to also start at the ends and use your fingers to coat every strand. This helps with even distribution with a conditioner so that your hair comes out feeling soft and touchable without that heavy feeling.

Once the conditioner is in, I like to leave it on for a few extra minutes so that it can fully absorb into the hair. Then it’s time to rinse. When you rinse out conditioner, always do it with cool water. It makes a world of difference in your hair.

When it comes to drying, air drying is best. A great tip is to always pat the water out of your hair instead of rubbing it. This helps to avoid split ends and frizzy hair. I also recommend using antibacterial towels.

My next secret is using leave-in conditioner along with hair oil. These two are amazing to keep hair detangled and strong. Use a wide tooth comb to comb out any knots. If you use a regular comb to try and detangle your knots, you’re doing more damage than good because you could be breaking the hair by pulling on it too hard. That’s why wide tooth combs are the best for this.

Hair oil is essential in my hair care routine. I start at the ends and work my way up. I do this because the ends of the hair are usually where the split ends and breakage occur. So applying hair oil on this part of the hair helps so much.

Next tip is for you if you aren’t a fan of air drying and a hairdryer is your go to. Make sure you use a heat protectant spray to avoid damaging your hair. The Moroccan oil works so well in keeping my hair healthy.

Next is hair drying. If you want to get a bit of wave or curl into your hair but you don’t have an iron or a straightener, a hairstylist once shared a secret with me on finger styling, which means you use your finger and wrap a one-inch section of hair when drying and leave it there for a few seconds. Do this throughout your hair and you’ll notice loose natural looking waves.

My last tip is using the right brush. One of the best hair tools you can get is the round brush. It’s the perfect brush when I want that natural curl on the ends. It works so well at smoothing and drying and makes my hair silky and shiny. If you want to tame those flyaways, cool shot them down and smooth it out with a round brush.