Fire accidents can happen at any time. They can result in the damage of a property or business, leaving one unexpected counting losses. Dealing with such a loss can be a stressful affair because of the different processes you have to go through.

Getting a fire insurance cover is essential if you want to get compensated for such a loss. Most covers cater to both movable and immovable items destroyed by fire. They are available for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

What is Fire Insurance?

It is a type of insurance that can be bought as an independent policy or part of home insurance and is meant to settle damages arising from a fire. You have to prove that it was accidental. Fire insurance offers settlement for expenses incurred when replacing, repairing, or constructing a house damaged by fire. The insurance company assesses your home to come up with an estimate of the amount you are supposed to get a settlement. You have to file a claim for the insurance to get the maximum amount agreed.

Why You Should Hire an Insurance Lawyer

The chances of experiencing a smooth ride with your insurance provider when seeking compensation are very minimal. There is a lot of back and forth usually witnessed during this period. Some insurance providers can delay, deny, or even give a low settlement. It can be a stressful moment for you as a policyholder.

Hiring an experienced fire damage property claim attorney is the best move you can make during this period. Louis Law Group’s legal team is highly experienced. We will use our knowledge and expertise to face off with your insurance provider to make sure you get a full settlement.

Contact Us

You can easily reach out to us through the contact lines on our platform. Make sure everything is correctly documented to get a full and fair settlement that covers different types of fire damage or loss. Whenever you contact us, we will always be ready to help you with the situation. Our property damage lawyers can source experts to assess the extent of fire damage in your home and help you document everything vital for your claim.

How We Will Help you With Your Fire Damage Claim

We are always determined to help our clients get full compensation from their insurance providers after fire damage. Here is how we will help you deal with them.

Appeal for Underpayments

Fire can cause severe damages to your home or business. Insurance companies can offer a low settlement or even deny your claim. This may not be enough to cater for all the repairs in your home. Our experienced lawyers will follow up with your insurance provider to ensure you get a full settlement. We do all this by insurance laws and the policies of your insurance company.

Undocumented Damages

There are several instances your insurance provider may fail to document certain damages after carrying their assessment. It is one thing they will use to deny you your claim even underpay. We liaise with different experts who have background knowledge in construction, adjusting, and engineering. They are also familiar with the costs of different materials in the market. We will do our best to ensure all the damages are documented, and you get full compensation from your insurance provider.

Quick Resolution

Louis Law Group aims to resolve the whole matter as fast as possible without requiring a court process. Most policies allow policyholders to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently without going to court. We will make the best claim and utilize all the dispute resolution guidelines given by your insurance provider. This will guarantee you a quick resolve.

For quick settlements, you should file your claim immediately after a fire incident. Being time-barred lowers your chances of getting compensation from your insurance provider. You should also call us immediately so that we may know the necessary measures to take. We will be able to gather enough fresh evidence to use when filing your claim. You can never go wrong when you choose us for your fire damage claim.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How is an attorney necessary in my fire damage dispute?

Whenever you file a claim for fire damage, your insurance company will send experts known as adjusters to assess the damages and establish the cause of the fire. They will try to come up with a proper estimate for your claim.

The problem is most insurance companies will take you through some back and forth before settling your claim. They can even undervalue it or give you nothing at all. We have the best liability insurance attorneys with resources that help them carry out their own assessment to be used for negotiations with your company.

Our lawyers will work day and night to establish the cause of the fire in your home, check the damage, and establish the right value for your claim.

Q. Is property damage as a result of fire covered by my insurance

During an inferno, there are different types of damages you are likely to encounter. Smoke damage is common during a fire accident. While some policies only cover damages resulting from fire alone, others will cover overall damages. We can help you understand your policy better to have a smooth time dealing with your insurance provider.

Q. How long will the claim process take?

Handling this matter by yourself without seeking help from a professional is one thing that may make the whole process seem long. You are likely to make several mistakes that will delay your settlements. 90 days is the most reasonable time to have your claim settled comfortably without mistakes or any other barring factors. You can reach out to us for help if you want to have your claim paid within a short period.

Q. How can I get a fair settlement for my claim?

Most insurance companies will interpret their policies and document damages to their favor. You should look for a different opinion if you want a fair settlement for your fire damage claim. This will help you understand if your insurance provider posted a reasonable claim amount. We are the right lawyers to reach out in such a scenario. Our experienced lawyers will carry out the necessary assessment of the damage in your property and come up with the right quote. You can compare this with what your insurance provider has posted. We will also guide and advise you on the right step to take.

Q. What are the benefits of hiring a fire damage lawyer?

Hiring a fire damaged property claim lawyer is essential if you want a proper follow up to get full compensation for the fire damage on your property. We pride ourselves as one of the best law firms you can reach out to when seeking a settlement for fire damage in your home.

Our experienced lawyers will deal with your insurance provider directly to help you secure your compensation smoothly. We are also familiar with different insurance laws so that the relevant regulations will guide our dealings with your insurance provider. You stand a high chance of winning your claim when you hire us to deal with your insurance provider.