FXGM Global Markets

FXGM Global Markets

FXGM sweden is a currency and CFD broker owned and operated by Depaho Ltd. which in turn are registered and regulated by both CySEC and FSCA.

Unlike other brokers who often choose to offer as many markets and instruments as possible, FXGM has chosen to focus on a selection of some of the best performing assets. In addition, FXGM has also chosen to develop a unique solution for its demo account with an insurance system that we have never seen before.

FXGM may not be that big in Europe, but in Sweden, brokers have a good presence and a good reputation with their customers. All trading with FXGM looks at a trading platform called PROfit and which you can read more about in the following FXGM recession.

FXGM is avalible in Sweden through their CySEC license they can offer their product to Swedish traders.Also FXGM is free of  scammers and Brokers  are regulated and licensed by CySEC are very safe to trade with.

An important question askes by costumer is demo account and  Unfortunately, FXGM does not offer a demo account.

FXGM is a fairly unknown broker in the European market, but they are well known and respected in Sweden. If you are looking for a good alternative to day trading and are Swedish then FXGM fits perfectly.

In addition to a good range of currencies (Forex) and CFDs as well as an impressive platform, FXGM has chosen to create a unique solution when it comes to demo accounts where you get insurance on your first trades.

We highly recommend FXGM to beginners and more experienced traders.

we would never have the chance to recommend a broker who was not safe to use.In other words, this means that  FXGM is completely reliable and secure.

The reason we are so sure of this is the FXGM broker license from CySEC and FSCA, two of the world’s most strict and respected financial authorities.

FXGM is operational in Sweden through the License from CysEC. This means that they can offer safe and legal trading to Swedish investors. FXGM also offers Swedish support, something most brokers do not have.

Anyone who wants to start trading forex and CFDs with FXGM will get acquainted with the trading platform PROfit.

PROfit comes in two different versions: WebPROfit and Mobile PROfit. As the names reveal, WebPROfit is a web-based platform and the main platform offered by FXGM.

The platform is easy to use and exceptionally robust to be a web platform which means it can also be used by professional day traders with specific and often demanding requirements.

WebPROfit has support for currency trading, commodities and a number of different CFDs with a focus on equities so there is something for all tastes and interests.

Of course, the platform comes with all the charts, graphs and tools you may need to succeed in trading

If you are interested in opening an account with FXGM, you have several choices depending on what you are looking for.

In fact, you can choose from 7 different accounts with different functions and opportunities based on the tools you want to access and how much you plan to trade for.

The first account is called Basic and can be activated with a deposit of between 200 and 1999 dollars and the account is recommended for beginners. For the remaining account, higher and higher deposits are required and in exchange you get access to more features, discounts and other benefits.

Because of this account system, we recommend that you evaluate how much you plan to trade for and what opportunities you need access to before registering.

If you are not satisfied with the account you have chosen or if you want to upgrade it, you can quickly and easily contact FXGM and they will help you.

Included in all the different account types are ebooks, guides and in some cases entire trading training so you can improve and hone your skills and maximize your opportunities

The chat is open 24 hours a day and is staffed by a team of experienced and talented trading professionals who have good experience and knowledge of FXGM’s products and platforms.

In other words, you can quickly get help and be guided to the best solution by the FXGM team

FXGM is a fairly unknown broker in the European market who has developed a trading product with several unique characteristics.

In addition to a traditional offering of currencies and CFDs as well as a very efficient trading platform, FXGM has chosen to create a unique solution when it comes to demo accounts.

In addition, you have also chosen to develop several different trading accounts with unique functions based on what you as a trader are looking for.

After a long and detailed review of FXGM’s operations, we have no problem recommending them to our readers.