Food Container Market 2024 : A Competitive Landscape And Professional Industry Survey

The emergence of packaged food as one of the most lucrative segments of the global food and beverage industry in the past few years has fueled large-scale developments across the market for food containers. The continuously widening array of available product varieties in the market and their broadening scope of applications are presenting significant growth opportunities to companies operating in the field of food packaging.

This report on the global food containers market presents a thorough overview of the present state of the market and forecasts the future growth prospects of the market and its key segments over the period between 2016 and 2024. The report also includes rich qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to historical facts and values of market and its segments. The report includes a detailed analysis of factors such as growth drivers, threats, popular trends, and opportunities in the market, presenting before the reader a holistic picture of the aspects expected to have the most profound influence on the development of the market in future years.

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The global food containers market research report segments the market on the basis of criteria such as product type, application, and geography. The report provides details such as growth opportunities, growth challenges, and promising regional markets for each of the segments and sub-segments discussed in the report. The report also allows the reader to gain a deeper insight into the vendor and competitive landscape of the market with the help of detailed business profiles of some of the key vendors operating in the market. The exhaustive data in the report is expected to help the reader gain a clear idea about the growth potential in new and emerging regional markets or segments in the near future.

This market has been witnessing a considerable amount of innovation given consumers’ changing preferences and the effect of government regulations pertaining packaging materials such as plastics.

Global Food Container Market: Drivers and Restraints

The global market for food containers is expected to be chiefly driven due to the significant rise in food output globally. The increasingly sophisticated consumer today is demanding convenient packaging that is easy to carry, store, and allows ready consumption of food. Hence, it has become highly important for food container manufacturers to keep pace with these changing consumer preferences.

The rising number of women in workforces, increased number of families consuming packaged foods, and a vast surge in double-income families are also key to the healthy growth prospects of the global market for food containers. Other crucial factors expected to drive the market for food containers include the rising population across urban settings and the increasing number of single-person households. 

Global Food Container Market: Segmentation

The report segments the market in terms of product into food container varieties such as paperboard food containers, bags and pouches, plastic food containers, metal food containers, glass food containers, and raw materials food containers. Of these, bags and pouches are expected to witness high demand from consumers owing to benefits such as visual appeal, ease of portability, convenience, and freshness protection. Ease of product differentiation and excellent branding opportunities make bags and pouches amongst food companies as well. These factors are expected to compel food container companies to focus more on this segment in the next few years.

The segment of paperboard food containers is expected to witness a slowdown in global demand as applications mature and novel packaging options such as flexible packaging gain an edge. In terms of application, the segment of frozen desserts and ice creams is expected to exhibit a slightly different dynamics, with paperboard tubs and folding cartons retaining their positions as most preferred containers. 

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Companies Mentioned in the Report

The global food container market features a highly fragmented vendors landscape and intense competition in terms of product variety and cost. Some of the notable vendors in the market are Alcan Packaging Food Americas, Caraustar Industries Incorporated, Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Constar International Incorporated, Plastipak Holdings Incorporated, Evergreen Packaging, Ring Companies, PWP Industries, Rio Tinto Group, Sonoco Products Company, and Printpack Incorporated.

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