Food Contact Paper Market 2024 Size, Share, Top Companies, Development

There is a growing evidence that food packaging is transporting SARS-CoV-2 across international borders. The unprecedented demand for frozen food is one of the key factors for increased imports and exports among countries. Hence, manufacturers in the food contact paper market are being compelled to boost their production for single use packaging. As such, massive screening efforts and UV (ultraviolet) disinfection strategies are anticipated to reduce the burden of packaging contamination.

It has been found that virus particles from a person’s mouth or nose increase the risk of the coronavirus infection as compared to touching of surfaces of frozen food. Such findings are helping companies in the food contact paper market to boost their incremental opportunities in 2021.

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Regulatory Challenges Starting Point for European Manufacturers

The food contact paper market is predicted to expand ~1.4 times to current market value with a CAGR of 4.5% during the assessment period. However, European manufacturers are faced with regulatory challenges, such as abiding with the Food Contact Guidelines for the Compliance of Paper and Board Materials and Articles to demonstrate its efficacy for food contact applications.

As stated by the European Union (EU) and Member State legislation, manufacturers in the Europe food contact paper market are gaining information on core requirements such as supply chain communication and testing for compliance requirements. Intentionally and non-intentionally added substances are being considered for the manufacturing of packaging solutions.

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Restrictions on Plastic Packaging Lead to Competitive Race for Sustainability

Stakeholders in the food contact paper market have entered the race to produce sustainable packaging solutions. China is restricting plastic waste import, and some countries have even raised taxes on plastic bags. Such trends are contributing toward market growth, since paper as a packaging material is being viewed as high value and environment-friendly by consumers. Hence, manufacturers are increasing their R&D in special barrier and formability capabilities for paper packaging solutions.

A system of techniques and parameters for process innovation is being used to develop food contact paper packaging solutions. Companies in the food contact paper market such as Arjowiggins has announced the launch of its breakthrough innovation called Sylvicta, which mimics the properties of plastic to prevent oxygen from entering into the food.

Prevention of Oxygen from Entering Food Highly Preferred in Paper Solutions

There is a growing demand for packaging solutions that ensures maximum freshness throughout the supply chain until the point of consumption. In order to achieve this, manufacturers in the food contact paper market are increasing the availability of paper packaging solutions that prevent oxygen from entering into the food. Companies are increasing their R&D budget and collaborating with highly skilled and experienced teams to develop translucent paper solutions that provide a barrier to mineral oils and fatty foodstuffs.

Manufacturers in the food contact paper market are increasing the availability of compostable, recyclable, and marine biodegradable packaging solutions with the help of renewable raw materials sourced from protected forests.

FDA-approved Packaging Solutions Boost Credibility of Manufacturers

Companies in the food contact paper market are avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in packaging to improve the functionality and translucency of materials. Thus, manufacturers are increasing their production capacities for food contact approved solutions as per the guidelines of the European Food Safety Authority and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S.

Tapping into the wealth of collaboration and experience has become the key to success in sustainable packaging solutions. Manufacturers in the food contact paper market are innovating in fully recyclable paper cups suitable for the packaging of soup and instant noodles. The revolutionary reCup is gaining popularity for the utilization of mineralized resin coating in its material, which is emerging as an alternative to standard paper cups.

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