How to Fix An Overheating Vape Pen – 2024 Guide

Vape pens getting overheated is a true concern for many users but more often than not, it is nothing to worry about one need to realize that the battery will first need charging which causes some level of overheating. The coil then needs to be lit up which will only happen at a high temperature.

In such a case, some of the normal temperature rise is normal to witness. As someone using a pen, you must have noticed the slight temperature rise. However, there might be times when the surface of the pen gets extremely heated. Do not even think about using the pen then. It would not blast in your hand but there is some level of risk attached to using a vape pen in such a condition.

An electrical option instead of a mechanical one is highly recommended in such a case. In this article, we will tackle this problem once and for all. Here are some solutions to help you out with an overheating vape pen.

Do Not Vape Too Often

No, we are not trying to lecture you on the terms of smoking too much. Smoking too frequently causes serious issues because the coil does not get enough time to cool down. If the vaping is not being done systematically and with regular breaks, it will be difficult for the coils to cool down. The coil will then stay hot and the surface will be difficult to handle.

Take a deep breath in between every vape so that you give a fair chance to the coil for cooling down. Make sure that you are being careful with your vaping habits not only because of your breathing but also to prevent overheating. Consider it a filament of a bulb. In order to provide continuous light, it will light up and would need to maintain continuous heat.

The coil of the pen works in the same way. It will need to produce continuous heat if the user demands constant puffs. However, it is not recommended for a vaping pen because of its small capacity. The battery can only power so much. In order to provide constant heat, the battery will have to work hard and it can overheat. Frequent breaks will allow a certain regulation in temperature.

The Voltage Should Not Be Too High

The wattage or the voltage you are utilizing to heat the coil should not to be too much. Typically, if you need to light up the coil, you would need to use the power of the battery. If too much power is being used, it will lead to more heat traveling in the coil. Different kits will work at different voltage requirements.

It is important to look at the wattage requirement in other user manuals before buying. The moderate range at which the coil can be heated by the battery can be anywhere between 50-75 watts. But it can vary from pen to pen so make sure you are doing it just as prescribed. Everyone has a different temperature range at which they feel comfortable, so do not think about experimenting.

Begin with a smaller wattage requirement and move up depending on personal preference. Do not jump too high too fast because it may cause the pen to overheat when it might not be necessary. You can click here to know more. Each vape pen is different so even if you are switching manufacturers, make sure to look into the instruction manual at least once.

Inspect the Battery From Time to Time

The battery might very well be the problem if you are noticing too much overheating. Anyone who has any experience with battery operated items knows how much it can potentially overheat with continuous use. Charging from time to time also leads to further heating up of the device.

Generally, some level of heat up is expected but overheating should not happen often. The starting up of the pen will make your palm feel some level of heat but it is bearable. It should be the warmth of the smoke and not potential electrical hazard. In case the pen becomes too hot to handle, stop using it until it cools down to a certain extent.

Battery issues in a vape pen are infrequent and very rare to see. You should check for other potential issues before taking the battery out. Only if nothing else seems to be the matter, you can for sure check the battery once for any issue. Changing or removing the battery for a while can help out with overheating problems.

The easiest way to check an issue is to see if the battery is too hot to hold with your fingers. If it is, which it should not be, replace it. You can even change the battery brand as an extra precaution.

Clean it Regularly

The vaporizing chamber should be cleaned from time to time. The liquids can form deposits that can lead to issues with the heating function. Make sure that you have the chambers cleaned so that you can keep using the pen without any hassle. A toothpick or an earbud can do more than enough for cleaning excess deposits.

The tank and coil both need to be cleaned regularly. You do not need to do it too often, just make sure that you do it often enough depending on your use.

The Takeaway

We hope that all of these factors helped you out in fixing the problem with overheating. Vaping is meant to be enjoyable so try to be vigilant about everything that is negatively impacting the experience. Do not vape too often and be conscious about the temperature change. Feel the heat and the moment it becomes too unbearable, stop with the smoking and take a break. If the temperature goes down, you can continue. If it does not, you should inspect the issue. It is advised that one remains responsible about vaping regularly.