Five tips for choosing a real estate portal and buying a house during COVID-19

Do you want to buy a house in Bahria Town Islamabad or any other place during COVID-19? Here we tell you what a real estate portal in Islamabad, Pakistan must have so that you can acquire a property effectively and safely.

Investing in real estate during social confinement by COVID-19 can be a challenge, so it is essential to carry out the home buying and selling process through reliable home sales portals.

If you have no plans to stop your real estate investments and you want to acquire a property despite the health contingency, we share a series of recommendations to start looking for a property on a real estate portal and thus avoid falling into real estate fraud when buying a house or you can buy a house or property face to face by trusted builders like ZemBuilders or any other.

What characteristics must a real estate portal have to buy a house during COVID-19?

  • Make sure it is certified
  • Make sure it provides contact information
  • You must have a secure web domain
  • Investigate property information
  • Check that you carry out different real estate activities

Make sure it is certified

Home sales portals must have a certification on their website in order to provide a safer and more reliable experience to their users.

It is necessary that both the real estate portal and the real estate agent or agency that announces the property is registered.

Make sure it provides contact information:

There are home sales portals that do not have verifiable or contact information available; for example, the full name of the seller, telephone number, identification or endorsement of a real estate agency. This situation is a bad sign, since a reliable and safe real estate portal, must have all the details of the owner or, if applicable, the real estate agency.

Likewise, it is essential that the real estate portal provide the personal telephone number, email and telephone number of the agent’s office, so that the interested party can communicate directly with the property owner.

You must have a secure web domain:

Another aspect to consider when buying a house through a real estate portal is that you must have a domain that begins with “https “. This will give you real estate security as a user, since a domain that ends in S gives security to a web page on the internet, thus confirming the veracity of the portal.

Likewise, also consider visiting portals of houses of renowned companies that are recognized in your city.

Investigate property information:

Once you have reviewed the above recommendations in detail, it is time to make sure that the information on the property is reliable. For example, you can visit the Public Registry of Property and the Secretariat of Urban Development and Housing of your city to corroborate the cadastral record of the property.

This information will serve to give faith, legality and transparency when reviewing a house or apartment online. You can also make sure that the real estate agency has a physical office.

Check that you carry out different real estate activities:

When you decide to look for more information about a specific property, some home sales portals have a Call to Action (CTA) or call to action and carry out different types of offers, updates and events that improve the experience of their users.

These activities are carried out in order to further promote your website, offering automatic updates of property lists, offers or mortgage auctions, as well as information on events and updates, among other benefits, to encourage the purchase or rental of a property.