Rabee Bazlamit is a well-known public figure in Qatar who has a successful business of marketing as well. He has often been in the media for his philanthropy works public speeches. Here are the five things you must know about Rabee-

1. The struggles in the beginning

Rabee was born on 7th June 1996 and raised in Doha, Qatar. His initial days were quite troublesome as it was a time of lots of conflicts in the Middle East. Later as the situation got better he was able to continue his formal education and got the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world and experience new things which would later be reflected in his public speeches and overall personality. Looking at the volatility in the business Rabee never took any financial help from the family and achieves everything while being financially independent.

  1. An entrepreneur

Rabee Bazalmeet is a living embodiment of the Young entrepreneur spirit. He launched a marketing company at a very young age in Qatar which is on its way to becoming one of the biggest successes in recent years. He is also currently a marketing manager at a Doha Media Company and has been helping many people with their business projects.

  1. A public speaker

Rabee Bazalmeet is a journalist and a business personality but he is most popular for his public speeches. Being a public speaker requires great talent and Rabee is one of the most talented ones out there. He has been active in raising international and national issues on a global platform. He has received many accolades for his public speeches and debates.

  1. Social services and philanthropy

Rabee’s social work has received a very good reputation in Qatar and philanthropy works have helped many people back home. Rabee has associated with charity works and often organizes free business workshops for young budding entrepreneurs.

  1. Luxury Car Lover

He has a hobby to join car racing and competition when he had free time from his hard schedule and he also owns 3 BMW cars and is a proud Bimmer who always prefers to ride only Bavarian cars and is the Biggest fan of BMW.

It is only the beginning for Rabee and he has still many greater things to achieve in life. Rabee hopes for a better future and want to continue social work and helping people. As for now, the sky is the only limit for Rabee to achieve more success.