Five Popular Types of Water Sports to Try This Summer

Are you one of those water sports fanatics who are constantly on a lookout to experience something new? Well, if it is so, it is a great thing to do. Activities related to water not only make your life exciting but also create a positive impact on your health as well.

People who are indulgent in water sports regularly have always felt commendable energy in themselves along with the oneness with nature. The gift of uplifted moods and enthusiasm from vast waters is what everyone seems to come back for each time.

You will be surprised to know that there are not just a few but many types of water sports to practice and enjoy. However, some of them are on top of everyone’s list of adventure. If you are keen, read on to know about them.

  1. Swimming

This is a common yet popular form of water sport that is played both individually and in a team. It involves a lot of arm and leg work to push the water behind and move through. It can take place both in closed pools or open waters such as lakes or beaches. It is indeed one of those things that are going to test your stamina and fitness level to the extreme.

  1. Surfing

All of us have seen someone or the other riding on the forward face of spine chilling waves during on the beach. The equipment used to ride is called a surfboard and the individuals that are skilled at it are known as surfers. The length and the design of the board are decided as per the wave that has to be ridden. The biggest thing that is tested in this sport is your balance.

  1. Wind Surfing

This is considered an advanced form of surfing where a practitioner is required to be highly skilled at balancing and be equipped with sufficient knowledge of sailing. To practice it, a sail is fixed on a surfboard with the help of a movable mast to move with the flow of wind. It is a very competitive sport and is played at both the local and international level.

  1. Jet Skiing

The machine used in jet skiing looks just like a motorcycle with the only difference that it travels on the surface of the water and is powered by a jet engine. Well-experienced individuals can be seen doing fancy stunts such as flipping and jumping over a ramp with it. Numerous racing competitions are also held for this. I personally enjoyed it thoroughly during my tour to Bermuda.

  1. Cliff Diving

This has to be one the least complicated yet the most thrilling extreme water sport. It is like jumping off from a five to ten-story building. You don’t need any special equipment or clothes to practice it but you do need great courage and swimming skills to plunge into deep-sea waters and come out safely.