Five Commonly Seen Skin Diseases: Explained

Skin disease is a very sensitive issue. A person is suffering from skin ailments, not only bare physical pain but also psychological pain.

If the problem is associated with the face, the person feels inferior in going out in public. They try to hide their face when they are in public. So, when it comes to skin issues, things become too complicated to handle.

Skin disease can be minor, life-threatening, inherent, or allergic. Whatever the reason, the person, required to see the dermatologist in Kolkata or the city you are residing at.

The dermatologist has a specialization in diagnosing the ailment and finding the exact cause of the illness.

As per the diagnosis, the doctor explains the problem and provides a prescription that provides significant relief.

Going further to this post, we would understand some commonly seen skin problems.


This is a common issue that finds in the youth. The problem may occur due to hormonal imbalance or the hair follicles that plug with oil and dead skin cells.

People experience red patches, whiteheads, blackheads, or pimples, usually on all over the face.

Also, when people try to get rid of these Acne from their way, the strong marks leave behind, which affects the face.


This ailment is mainly triggered due to reaction through food, medicines, or other irritants. People often experience itchiness, red, or skin colour welts on the skin’s surface.


In this condition, the person’s face gets lots of redness, small red pus-filled bumps on the face. Skin ailments mainly affect middle-aged women with fair skin. People often misunderstood the problem as Acne.


The problem of Carbuncle causes due to hair follicle. The ailment is quite painful and causes a red, swollen, and painful clusters of boils that connected each other under the skin.


This is a commonly seen skin disease that doesn’t distinguish in age. It can impact an infant to an old person. Eczema is a condition where patches of skin become inflamed, itchy, red, cracked, and rough.


A minorly looking skin disease could turn out to be severe and infectious if the necessary action was not taken on time. You could search out the experienced dermatologist in Kolkata or the city you are living at present. Medical forums like offer the verified specialists on their website. Connect with the doctor through online chat, call, or video, and inform about your symptoms and get the necessary treatment.