Find out how to reduce back pain while sleeping

Do you often experience chronic back pain? This tends to worsen during the night as you try to catch some sleep. A study shows that millions of people across the globe deal with back pain that affects the quality of their lives. Apart from considering different treatment options, you can also reduce back pain by changing your mattress. Before you start looking for a new mattress, it is good to understand what could be causing the problem and learn how to solve it. Read on!

What are the causes of back pain?

The pain that affects the back can come from different places. While some people get back pain from an injury, others get occupational strains. Daily stress has also been associated with chronic back pain in some patients. Lying on an uncomfortable bed and mattress can also lead to back pain. This is because it aligns the spine wrongly, increasing pain on the lower part of your back. 

Experts reveal that different conditions are often linked to this form of pain, such as straining a muscle or ligament, a ruptured disc, osteoporosis, or arthritis. Though the factors that contribute to back pain may be diverse, understanding how you can manage this pain is crucial. 

Back pain can worsen in your sleep, especially if you don’t sleep on a very comfortable surface. Excess pressure on one body part can make you wake up feeling worse compared to the previous night. Studies have shown that a poor sleep position can also alleviate back pain. For instance, sleeping while lying on your stomach can exert pressure on your spine and neck, leading to more back pain. 

How does back pain affect your sleep?

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Good quality sleep affects how you function during the day. If you are dealing with back pain every night, you may not be able to enjoy this. One of the causes of disability in the world is lower back pain. Though most people experience this at some point in life, those that ignore it end up having a lot of complications. If you are back pain problems, it may prevent you from having enough sleep. The pain gives you less control over your sleep since you focus more on how your body feels instead of relaxing. 

How to choose a mattress that can help you relieve back pain

Focus on comfort

Boost the quality of your sleep today by working on managing back pain. Investing in a quality mattress from Nectar can help you minimize the pain. A good quality mattress can help you realize some improvements in your sleep since it prevents news ache as well as facilitates better rest.

The high number of mattress models available can, however, make your selection overwhelming. For you to get a great one for your back, you need to consider your preference. Though some of the mattresses are marketed as the best for back pain, no one type can work for every individual experiencing back pain. You should, therefore, ensure that you choose one that feels comfortable enough when lying on it.

Know the right level of firmness to choose

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In the past, doctors used to advise patients with back pain to sleep on firm mattresses. A recent survey, however, reveals that back pain sufferers who rest on very firm mattresses have the worst sleep quality. Resting on such a mattress can make it hard for your spine to align itself correctly. 

You need to choose one that can help your spine maintain a straight alignment so that it can relieve those pressure points that are commonly associated with chronic back pain. Rather than picking a very firm mattress, you should choose one that is medium-firm. This can provide relief for back pain, especially if you are a back sleeper.

Choose one that offers a high level of back support

The right mattress for back pain is one that offers excellent back support. This can encourage comfortable sleep and prevent you from constantly tossing and turning. It also takes off too much stress on pressure points helping your spine to relax. When you sleep on such a mattress, you minimize the risks of experiencing muscle soreness the following day. 

Consider the components that make up the mattress

Before you order any mattress online, you should find out the specific components, especially if you experience back pain. According to most reviews, latex and memory foam mattresses rate highly among customers that experience lower back pain. Innerspring mattresses on the other hand are not very much recommended. 

Choosing the memory foam mattress for back pain can help you alleviate this due to its cushioning effect. This mattress tends to adapt to the shape of your body. Some of the memory foam mattresses, however, tend to retain heat, making them uncomfortable to sleep on. A latex mattress can also mold the body so that you can avoid exerting excess pressure on the back part. You can also choose a hybrid mattress that features layers that relieve pressure on your back. 

Look at the depth

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The depth of a mattress also matters since a good one should not make you sink too deeply into it. This can affect the proper alignment of your joints, making them twist. It can make you quite uncomfortable while sleeping. Mattress depths often range between 7-18 inches. If you don’t know the right depth to pick, let the mattress dealer guide you on this. Do not forget to mention your condition. 

Find out when it is time to replace your mattress

The reason why some people live with chronic pain for years is that they stick to the same old mattress for long. If the mattress you have been sleeping on is sagging on the middle part, it may not be as comfortable as it was. Many people try to fix this by putting boards underneath a sagging mattress. This is only a temporary fix that cannot help you deal with back pain. Instead, you should consider getting a new one and discard the old one.