Feed Water Heater for Power Plants Market 2024 to 2025 – Insights and Outlook Post COVID-19 Pandemic

A feed water heater is an equipment utilized to preheat boiler feed water in a power plant. Preheating has many advantages such as improved thermodynamic efficiency of the system. The function of feed water heaters is to capture internal energy spent from steam and utilize that energy to preheat condensate feed water. It reduces plant operating costs. It also aids to avoid thermal shock to the boiler metal when the feedwater is introduced back into the steam cycle.
The overall market for feedwater heater is segmented on the basis of technology, application and geography. There are two main types of feed water heaters such as low pressure heater and high pressure heater. Low pressure feedwater heater and high pressure feedwater heater are used as per the cycle optimization requirements. High pressure feedwater heaters are placed between the boiler feedwater pump and the boiler. Low pressure feedwater heaters between the main condensing pumps and the boiler feedwater pumps. It consist of a U-Tube bundle heat exchanger mounted in a tube sheet and surrounded by a steam shell. Feed water heaters are used in various power plants such as gas powered power plant, boiler steam powered power plant and nuclear powered power plant. North America and Europe constitute major chunk of global market for feed water heater. Countries such as the U.S, Canada, Russia, Germany, France, U.K and Italy have substantial market share of feed water heaters. Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East have ample share of global feed water heater market. China and India are the fastest growing markets for feed water heaters across the globe.
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One of the primary drivers of growth for feed water heater market is the rising global demand for power and energy. World population is increasing day by day and power demand is increasing simultaneously. Increased construction and industrial activities across the globe have further boosted the demand for power. Feed water heaters demand is increasing with increase in power generation activities. The number of nuclear power plants has increased since last decade. Countries such as India and China have boosted the number of nuclear power plants. Increasing number of nuclear power plants is also boosting the demand for feedwater heaters. The demand for feed water heaters in existing and upcoming nuclear power stations is bound to increase.However, negative public opinion regarding the development of nuclear power plants may hamper the growth of feed water heaters market. There is a stark shift towards renewable energy sources for power generation such nuclear power plants. All these factors predict a good growth trajectory for feed water heater market over the forecast period.
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Some of the major players in the market include BWX Technologies Inc., Westinghouse Electric Company LLC, KNM Group Berhad,Thermal Engineering International (USA) Inc., SPX Heat Transfer Inc., Foster Wheeler AG, Balcke-Dur GmbH and Alstom Power SA among others.