Exotic Genetix Seeds so you can start growing

In the market, you can find 100% original Exotic Genetix Seeds. They are usually unique strains that have been developed for years and have been tested and studied. You can find these seeds at different local cannabis stores, and you can also buy them online.
If you look for seed from a popular site, you can have quality, security and know that you are paying for an original product.

The most popular cannabis seeds on the market
You can find a wide variety of seeds and the most popular in the world’s cannabis seed banks are:
• AK-47
• Gorilla Glue
• Purple Haze
• Super Lemon Haze

k 47 cannabis seeds
It is an easy plant to grow and has excellent quality. It is a plant of medium height and produces quick yields. It has an extremely strong smell and smoke. It owes its name to the one-hit-wonder that is smoke; it has nothing to do with violence.
In 1999, in the Cannabis Cup, in an independent laboratory test, they demonstrated that this plant has a higher percentage of THC. It is an excellent medicinal plant that relieves pain.

Purple haze
Among the most outstanding Exotic Genetix Seeds on the market is Purple Haze. This is one of the most legendary cannabis plants known for the Jimi Hendrix song. It is a plant that can keep you energized, focused, and with an exciting mind all day.
They are auto-flowering seeds that are very easy to grow; they can grow indoors and outdoors. These seeds are an excellent choice for self-medication as well as for commercial growers.

Gorilla Glue
This is a powerful seed that offers relaxation and euphoria that you will be able to leave on the sofa. It will fill the place with a sour pine and lemon aroma thanks to its strains, it has a THC level of 24%, and it has very low CBD levels.
This is a perfect mix for people who want relaxation, feelings of heaviness, and euphoria at the same time. They are effects that are progressively increased to reach pleasant but strong sedation.

If you want to grow this type of seed you should know that it is very simple and does not need special care, you just have to keep it well, and you will see how it will give you many flowers. You should use light bulbs between 600 and 1000 volts for every square meter indoors to keep your crop.

Super Lemon Haze
Another one that is on the Exotic Genetix Seeds list is the super lemon haze. This is a seed with a TCH of 19, 33%, and a CBD of 0.21%. The effects it produces are the following:

• Very critical mist
• It is a plant that works very fast
• Its effect lasts a long time
• It is a very balanced effect between the cerebral and the physical
• It is effective in relieving pain
• Stimulates appetite

This is a medium height plant and has wide and long branches. It does very well in tropical, equatorial, temperate, and subtropical climates.

As you can see, you can find a great variety of Exotic Genetix Seeds for you to use as you wish. They are seeds that you can use medicinally or if you want to become a professional grower. You should always look for them in specialized stores to know that you are buying an original product.