What is it? 

Tangkasnet is a type of video poker game available in both physical and online casinos and other gambling entities. You can play a game similar to ordinary Poker. However, there will be some differences between the two. Since the game is available in a few online casinos and the name is different, the popularity of this variation of Poker is slightly less. So, the majority of gamblers do not know the gameplay and other details of the game. However, there are several myths about the game as most players do not know anything about it. In this article, let us discuss the gameplay and the commonly spoken myths about tangkasnet in brief.

 The gameplay of tangkasnet 

You will play as a part of a multiplayer game either online or offline. All the players would get a set of seven cards, to begin with. However, you can check the cards and neglect any two cards that have nothing to do with your combination. The objective of the game is to form a combination of card that ranks higher than the other players’ hands. There will be several hand rankings depending on the card values as below,

Royal flush – It is the top-ranking hand combination that will contain all the face cards along with a ten and Ace of the same symbol. For instance, you will have a royal flush if you have 10, J, Q, K, A of the same symbol as the heart.

Five of a kind – In this card ranking, you will have the same value on the card with all the symbols. For example, 5 of all symbols could be a five of a kind.

Straight flush – It is a combination of five cards that contain the values in the ascending order of the same symbol. An example would be the combination of 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 of a diamond.

Full house – Let us assume that you get three cards of the same number with different symbols and two cards of the same number as well as a symbol. It is a full house.

Flush – If you get five different cards of varying values with the same symbol without any particular order, it is known as a flush.

Straight – It is also a combination of five cards in ascending order but without any restrictions on the symbols.

Three of a kind – If you get three cards of the same value and different colors along with two different cards of varying value and symbol, it is a three-of-a-kind hand.

Two pairs – This hand will contain two pairs of the same value and symbol along with an extra card.

Ace pair – This hand will have an Ace pair along with any other three cards.

Myths around tangkasnet 

  • It will be tedious.
  • It will not be available online.
  • The rules will be tough to understand.
  • It will replicate ordinary Poker.
  • One could not play this game on a mobile device.