Effective website designing tips to reduce the bounce rate

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What is Bounce Rate and why should we control it?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave a web page without taking any specific action. When a user lands on a page and exits immediately without visiting other linked pages, it is termed as ‘a bounce.’


Bounce Rate = Bounces / Total number of visitors


Controlling the bounce rate is important to increase business leads, as in case a user bounces off immediately, it means that the web page has failed to engage them. This indicates that there is something wrong with the site.

Tips to reduce the bounce rate

To decrease the bounce rate of your website, we should first understand the cause of bouncing. Some of the major root causes of bouncing are:

  • A visitor does not find what they expected: Many times, a user is unable to find what they were looking for. For example, if someone is searching for the best watches and the web page talks about the qualities of the best watches, they are ought to bounce off the page.
  • Bad UX – A sub-standard user experience (UX) is another factor of bouncing. If a site is hard to navigate, then the visitor will spend less time on the webpage
  • Complex site design: An ugly or complex designed site is also an important reason for higher bounce rates


So, what are some effective ways of website designing to reduce the bounce rate? Below are some handy tips:


  • Adding a Search Bar – A wide and clear search bar helps a user in typing their long queries and getting what they want in a few clicks. A dynamic search bar that gets bigger as one starts to type is also a good idea while designing a website
  • Addition of more appropriate links – A good website designing strategy includes adding internal links in the content on a web page. Properly placed links create no disturbance for the users and provide them with an additional opportunity to navigate further in case of more requirements. However, it is good to note that all contextual links must open on the same window for a better user experience
  • Updating an old written content – If a visitor finds an old article displaying old statistics and methods, it is logical that they will exit quickly. Obsolete content is a big no if you want your user to stay on your web page for a long time. Regularly checking page performance is critical for a website owner to find the problems with the website and fix them to offer a more seamless experience
  • A clear and precise message with easy-to-read page content – There are only a few seconds to convey your message to a visitor. An unclear message will tend a visitor to land on another site. Similarly, easy-to-read content is a desirable trait for an enjoyable reading experience. Simpler and short sentences are easy to read on desktops and mobile devices for the users, which will lead them to stay on a page for longer
  • Fast Loading Speed – A slow loading website is reported to experience a 72% higher bounce rate. A site must fully load within 3 to 5 seconds, for a better user experience. To make a site load quickly, deactivating unnecessary plugins and optimizing images and codes is important. One of the common methods to speed up a website is implementing a content delivery network (CDN). This technique helps to deliver results at lightning-fast speeds to internet users.
  • Restrict popup usage – Irrelevant popups are annoying and may increase the bounce rate. But since it has been noticed that some popups help in increasing signups, it is recommended to use them more cautiously. Setting a timer for a popup or disabling them from a homepage may prove to be a less obstructive user experience and thus result in a low bounce rate



A high rate of bounce on your site means that you are not able to convert your site visitors into customers. Make your site easy to navigate and offer a seamless experience to reach from one part of a web page to another, to keep people engaged on your site.

Remember that the bounce rate is like a golf score. The lower the score, the better will be the result.