Dynamic Power Device Analyzer Market Business Growth Statistics and Key Players Insights

Dynamic Power Device Analyzer can be defined as a type of a platform which has the capability to evaluate the power device. It generally has the wide range of current as well as voltage which makes them capable of measuring and handling all types of power devices. It enables the evaluation of ac component as well as the static component. Dynamic power is one of the dominant part of total power consumption. It enables to be tested and different classification tests to be performed at a various power levels. It also provides repeatable and reliable measurements of wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors which enables the reduction in design time and number of prototypes needed.

Dynamic Power Device Analyzer Market – Competitive Landscape

  • In May 2019, SELFIT, PD1500A of Keysight Technologies, Inc. has been launched by the company. PD1500A has the ability to measure the wide-bandgap (WBG) semiconductors by ensuring the safety requirements.
  • In October 2018, Solmetric, Inc. has launched 1500V/30A I-V Curve Tracer which has the ability to measure measures the I-V (current vs. voltage) and P-V (power vs. voltage) for each string.

Agilent Technologies, Inc

Established in 1999, Agilent Technologies, Inc is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, the U.S. The company focused towards providing laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise within life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company majorly caters Food, Environmental and Forensics, Pharmaceutical,  Diagnostics, Chemical and Energy, Research industries. The company provides its product and services in majorly North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and Europe.

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Keysight Technologies

Founded in 2014, Keysight Technologies is based in Santa Rosa, CA, the U.S. it was initially Founded as Hewlett-Packard in 1939 and launched as a fully separate electronic measurement company. Keysight Technologies provides solutions and trusted insight in electronic design, test, manufacture, and optimization which is purely focused on helping the customers to accelerate the innovations. 78 of the fortune 100 companies uses solutions provided by Keysight Technologies. The company caters aerospace, automotive and energy, communication, government, semiconductor industries.

Solmetric, Inc.

Established in 2005, Solmetric, Inc is headquartered in Sebastopol, CA, the U.S. The company is engaged in solar installation industry and in the development of high precision test and measurement tools. The company is specialized in shade measurements, PV system verification, and PV design. The Solmetric SunEye is a handheld electronic tool to measure shade and solar access.

Dynamic Power Device Analyzer Market – Dynamics

Rising Demand for Global Electric Vehicle

It has been observed that the demand for the electric vehicle is increasing year by year. Companies like Tesla, BMW are now shifting towards development of the technologies related to the vehicle which uses electricity to move. Rise in the demand for such type of vehicles has increased the demand for small, high power, efficient electric power systems. Such demand is deriving the demand for dynamic power analyzer which has the capacity to measure the high power devices. The demand for electric vehicles is increasing specifically in china, and North American countries and the major reason behind such demand is awareness regarding environmental protection.

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Lack of Awareness among the People

The lack of awareness among the people regarding the usage, applicability and the feature of such platform may hinder the growth of this market. The usage and the applicability of such platform is very wide and can be used for measuring the multiple devices. Due to lack of literacy rate as well as lack of electronics specialized personnel the Dynamic power device analyzer market is being untapped.

Reduction in Operational Cost in the Long Term

Dynamic Power Device Analyzer help a company to reduce the operational cost in the long term. Cost is the major factor which drives the growth of this market in the near future as competition within companies is totally based on the price. Companies with the low prices of their products hold the power to capitalize the largest market share. This may help in easy adoption of the Dynamic Power Device Analyzer as it decreases the cost with a large margin. It also motivates the company as it increases the amount of profit by reduction in the cost.