A duvet is a type of bedding used pulled over the body while sleeping. It is used to keep warm, especially during the cold season. It consist of a soft bag filled with materials such as feathers, wool, artificial fibers, silk, down, or other synthetic alternatives. These materials offer thermal insulation to the user from the outside cold and ensure calm and peaceful sleep. The duvet is covered with an outer cover that can be removed for washing, similar to a pillow cover. It is often referred to as a comforter in some parts of the world. However, a comforter  doesn’t have an outer cover and is not as thick as the duvet.

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Duvets are also known as doona, continental quilts, and comforters. People use duvets as they reduce the complexity of making the bed unlike the combination of bed sheets, blankets, and other bed covers. Duvets are easy to maintain and clean which makes them a preferred choice. A duvet is usually white in color, whereas its outer cover comes in a variety of colors and textures. The duvet rests inside the duvet cover, which is sewn shut on three sides and a side is closed with a large zipper or buttons to easy removal of the cover for washing. People are increasingly using duvets around the world as they offer a rich and luxurious feel and ensures a peaceful and cozy sleep during cold nights. The tourism industry is witnessing a steady rise, which is leading to an increasing number of hotels that cater to the needs of tourists. The ongoing trend visible in the duvets market is the availability of duvets in various colors and texture patterns and also creative designs.

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The growing awareness regarding duvets and the ability to differentiate between a duvets, comforters, and blankets is the primary driver for the duvets market. Increasing middle class population in developing economies such as China and India and growing adoption of duvets by the people of these countries are key factors contributing to the expansion of the market. Additionally, expansion of the hospitality industry is anticipated to propel the duvets market. However, the availability of counterfeit and inexpensive alternative products is expected to hamper the market. Growing adoption of duvets by individuals to get a luxurious and cozy feel is projected to drive the market.

The duvets market has been segmented based on material, application, type, point of sale, and geography. In terms of material, the market has been divided into down & feather, and 100% down. Based on application, the duvets market has been segmented into hotel, home, and others. In terms of type, the market has been segregated into luxury-type, high-grade type, mid-range type, and economic type. Based on point of sale, the duvet market has been categorized into retail stores, wholesaler, and online channel. In terms of geography, the duvets market has been divided into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and South America.

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Key players operating in the duvets market include EuroComfort-Group, Pacific Coast Feather, John Cotton, Pacific Brands, PROLANA, Ellis Fibre, Nautica, Jill Rosenwald, Nostalgia, Wendre, Mhldorfer, Downlite, Garnier-Thibeaut, Venus, Frette, and Hollander.

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