Diurethane Dimethacrylate Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 – 2026

Global Diurethane Dimethacrylate Market: Overview

Diurethane dimethacrylate is a methacrylate urethane isomer, and it is obtained from (ethylene glycol) monomethacrylates and various commercial diisocyanates. It provides a glassy and hard surface that is almost transparent in color. It is a partially aromatic resin- based composite restorative. It offers mechanical properties such as flexural modulus of elasticity, flexural strength, impact strength, and water absorption capability.

Global Diurethane Dimethacrylate Market: Drivers

The diurethane dimethacrylate market is driven by its use in resin composites required for dental applications and energy curable coatings. The current demand and technological advancement have led to an increase in demand for resin composites and ceramic products in dentistry. Nowadays, due to unhealthy eating habits and poor oral hygiene tooth problems and are on the rise. Due to this, more people opt for dental treatment. This boosts demand for diurethane dimethacrylate, which is used in the preparation of artificial teeth and as a filling agent for teeth. In energy curable coatings, diurethane dimethacrylate provides superior resistance to harsh environmental conditions. However, incomplete polymerization can led to the breakdown of the matrix of diurethane dimethacrylate in harsh environments. Moreover, diurethane dimethacrylate can be replaced if alternative products are introduced to the market. These factors are likely to hamper the market.

Diurethane dimethacrylate has applications in light curable devices, UV-curable nail gels, dental composite-based resins, energy-curable coatings, and anaerobic adhesives. In light curable devices, diurethane dimethacrylate is used for the application of dental fillings.  Diurethane dimethacrylate is used in anaerobic adhesives to create bonds and to provide leak poof sealing between mating surfaces. It also prevents the leakage of moisture, gasses, and fluids. The usage of diurethane dimethacrylate can lead to irritation to the eyes and skin and infection in the respiratory system. Therefore, while using it, one must wear gloves and eye protection.

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Global Diurethane Dimethacrylate Market: Key Segments

The diurethane dimethacrylate market can be segmented based on type of chemical it is used with. In terms of chemicals used in combination with diurethane dimethacrylate, the market can be divided into epoxy, polyamides, esters, polyether ether ketone, polyethylenimine, polyethersulfone (PES), polyetherketone, etc.

Based on region, the diurethane dimethacrylate market can be categorized into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is a prominent region of the diurethane dimethacrylate market and is expected to continue leading the market during the forecast period. North America and Europe are expected to dominate the global diurethane dimethacrylate market throughout the forecast period. The demand for diurethane dimethacrylate is primarily driven by rise in penetration of polymers and epoxy resins in various applications such as additives and advancements in biotechnology. Furthermore, rise in medical expenditure in the region and increase in awareness regarding oral health and additives are expected to boost the diurethane dimethacrylate market. Rise in investment in the medical sector in countries such as India, China, and Indonesia in Asia Pacific and increase in disposable income of the middle class are expected to boost the diurethane dimethacrylate market during the forecast period. In Middle East & Africa, the diurethane dimethacrylate market is expected to expand at a steady pace during the forecast period.

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Global Diurethane Dimethacrylate Market: Key Players

Some of the key companies in the global diurethane dimethacrylate market are Esstech Inc., Carbosynth, Merck KGaA, RTP Company, Scott Bader Co. Ltd., J & K SCIENTIFIC LTD., BOC Sciences, Sigma-Aldrich, AIkon International Limited., and Shanghai Synchem Pharma Co., Ltd

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Companies in the Diurethane Dimethacrylate market have increasingly shifted gears with wide application of digital technology across the continuum, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing to generation of final output, to warehousing to final distribution operations. Among the various affects, the market is witnessing new growth economics due to thinning of line between specialty and commodity businesses that are associated with the larger ecosystem. At the same time, new growth parameters are being vigorously being debated as industry stakeholders put greater emphasis on the circular economy processes.

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