Delaena Kalevor Shares New Business Development Strategies

Business development is a broad term but generally it is the action of executing strategies and turning points across your organization to increase the growth and boost net income. Business development involves following opportunities for the betterment for your business growth, accepting new prospects, and converting more leads into customers. 

The development includes the whole process of introducing a new product, including the idea that suits beginners for a product to its launch. When it comes to managing product launches, Delaena Kalevor is one of the good examples. 

While new products, new business development and customer acquisition is pivotal to the future growth of any business, we should not lose sight of the importance of repeat customers. A study reveals that a repeat customer always spends 67% more than a new customer so it’s very important to focus on existing customers. There is some basic skill that a business developer should have for the betterment of the business, such as:

  • Creative Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Goal-Focused
  • Organizational Skills

Now let us take a look at some important and effective corporate development strategies that you could follow to make success in your respective business organization are:

  1. Recognize Competition: Firstly evaluate what your competitors offer and analyze. Make specific decisions that make your business stand out individually.
  2. Pay Attention to Your Website: If you want that client should get affected and keen to get started with your firm design of your website matters a lot. Nowadays most of the clients always talk a look at business sites before making any conclusion. Delaena Kalevor is a cross-functional business leader with experience in finance, marketing, strategy and operations. He has an MBA in Finance and Strategy.
  3. Choose Right Opportunities: Carefully identify the embryonic clients to start a business with. This is essential to scan the industry for the profuse association before coming on any decision.
  4. Focus on Client’s Requirement: Always present exactly what the client is in need and avoid demonstrating what you are providing or what you are capable of. Listen to the client carefully and serve them what they want.
  5. Never Say — No to Client: Time management is the most crucial skill that every business manager should implement first. He should set some priorities so that he could complete the work first and then switch to others. 
  6. Offer Quality Services: Always make happy and provide quality services to your client. You have to provide some deadlines also strict to it so that you can get new business opportunities that are waiting for you.



Business development is a broad area and Delaena Kalevor has great ideas that are proven. Business development is about identifying and executing goals to stay profitable today, while being relevant and competitive tomorrow.