Can you cut yourself with hair clippers?


Can you cut yourself with hair clippers? This has been a commonly asked question for decades. Let’s be honest a lot of people use hair trimmer to cut their hair at home. That’s understandable, but you need some reassurance before you do the job. That’s where we come in. We are the assurance you are searching for.

Tools you are going to need:

A self cut hair trimmer. AKA hair clipper that can be used on your own. There are tons of such hair clippers out there. You shouldn’t buy a costly one as your first hair trimmer. You might not be able to use it to its full potential.

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Step 1:

If you are going for a shorter buzz, then start by moving from front to back. Pay special attention near the crown, the skin near that area is a little bit tender. If you keep your blade for too long there you might end up scratching the skin.

Step 2:

Cutting the sides of your head can be tricky. Especially near the ear. That side is really thin and you can easily end up with scratches or mild burns. This is where your trimmer plays a huge role. If the blades of your clipper get hot from mild use you will see some razor burn. But they are not life harming. One would say it is necessary to get razor burn to learn from that mistake. Because next time when you do it you will remember this incident and take precautions.

During this part make sure to use the standard comb. If your blade becomes too hot, let it cool down then proceed to cut your hair again. The feeling of the naked blade hitting the backside of the ear can hurt but it won’t bleed because there won’t be any cut.

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Step 3:

Go bottom to top in against grain motion once more. You are going to need a hand mirror to see your backside of the head.

Of course, you can go by the feeling of the length of the hair but trust me that doesn’t turn out to be good always. For an even cut, you need to see what you are cutting. Manage a small mirror and watch your back of the head while cutting.

Step 4:

Neckline and sideburns need some love too. If you want to look sharp this is a crucial step. You can find neckline template in your local shop and on Amazon. Get one and follow the template. If you memorize it you will get used to it and will never need the help of it again. But as a beginner, you must follow a template. It is for your own sake.


When it comes to haircuts these two are the first thing that feels like they expired. What I am trying to say is they seem to outgrow your hair and make your haircut look wack.

For the neckline alone, you can purchase a different clipper. There are tons of neckline and sideburn specialist clippers available on Amazon.

Remember your clipper won’t do a great job regarding this task. That is why you should buy a hair trimmer for this. Trust me you won’t regret the purchase.

If you already own a quality trimmer don’t bother purchasing another one, remove the comb and use the naked blade to trim it. It will give you a better result.

Safety measures:

If someone else is cutting your hair tell them to be gentle and not push the trimmer too hard. Like we said a couple of times already, if you are cautious you won’t hurt yourself at all. All you need to avoid is getting skins in between the blades it will lead to scratches or razor burn.

Buy a clipper/trimmer which has an electromagnetic motor that doesn’t heat that much. If your motor doesn’t heat the blades of your trimmer won’t either. If your blade doesn’t heat you won’t get razor burn. It is a simple equation.

If you stay careful near the tender skin then I can bet you will never cut yourself while cutting hair ever.