Cut Flower Packaging Market is to expand at a CAGR of 4.8% till 2027

Cut Flower Packaging Market Analysis: The Plastic Segment to Dominate the Cut Flower Packaging Market in Terms of Market Share

The global market for cut flower packaging is expected to be valued around US$ 2.1 Bn by 2018. The cut flower packaging market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.8% during the forecast period, 2018-2027.

Cut flower packaging helps to keep cut flowers fresh and lively throughout the supply chain. Perishable products such as cut flowers need to be packaged in appropriate packaging formats to maintain their freshness and ensure maximum vase life. Packaging plays a crucial role in this, as flowers require specific temperature and humidity to sustain. The most common cut flower packaging formats are boxes & cartons, sleeves, and wrapping sheets.

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The global cut flower packaging market has been segmented on the basis of material, packaging type, and sales & distribution channel. By material type, the plastic segment holds the maximum share in the global cut flower packaging market followed by paper and paperboard, which can be attributed to their extensive use in retail sales applications. The boxes segment in the cut flower packaging is gaining traction as these are preferred for long distance transits during export and import of cut flowers. Nowadays, many companies are offering luxury boxes for cut flower packaging which is expected to result in an increased market share of the boxes segment in the global cut flower packaging market. Cut flower packaging solutions can be manufactured using materials such as paper & paperboard, plastic, wood, and fabrics. Florists remain the most prominent distributors for the cut flower packaging market, although online sales are gaining traction rapidly.

Remunerative Opportunities for the Cut Flower Packaging Market in the Festive Season

The consumption of cut flowers is usually centered around holidays and the festive season. Manufacturers offer customized cut flower packaging solutions for such occasions. The demand for cut flowers is peak during the festive season and occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, and others. Most of the sales occur during this period and the demand for cut flower packaging surges. Manufacturers of cut flower packaging focus on offering customized prints and textures according to the occasion to appeal to a wider clientele. It is also observed that most of the cut flower packaging manufacturers earn a significant amount of their revenues during these seasons.

Cut Flower Packaging Manufacturers Boosting Sales through Different Distribution Channels

With increasing competition, cut flower packaging manufacturers are expanding their distribution channels. The increasing consumer inclination towards convenience stores and online sales channels has created high-growth prospects for the companies to distribute their cut flower packaging solutions via these channels. Some of the companies have witnessed strong growth in their revenue by trading through online sales channels. Along with this, cut flower packaging manufacturers are working with cut flower delivery start-ups and local vendors to effectively increase their penetration in the region.

Application of Modified Atmospheric Packaging in Cut Flower Packaging

In order to extend the postharvest life of the cut flowers, manufacturers make use of advanced packaging solutions such as modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) technology. This aids in maintaining the moisture content inside the package which results in increased shelf life. Longer shelf life of cut flowers allows processors, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to control quality, and costs of cut flowers. Cut flower manufacturers take advantage of extended replacement cycles to reduce production replacement demands. Cut flower packaging distributors can expand their operational territories and offer a greater variety of product lines to the retailers, since less frequent replacement requirements will permit growth in under-penetrated areas for cut flowers as well as cut flower packaging formats.

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Recent Developments in the Global Cut Flower Packaging Market

  • Uflex Ltd., a leading packaging manufacturer in India, has designed a cut flower packaging solution called FlexFresh. FlexFresh keeps the flowers fresh for up to 15 hours without water. This innovative technology for cut flower packaging has aided in saving gallons of water along with reducing wastage of flowers throughout the supply chain. Uflex Ltd. was awarded a gold medal at the Flexible Packaging Awards for this initiative.
  • The industry is witnessing paradigm shift with new entrants introducing alternatives for conventional cellophane and other plastic-based wraps. Using burlaps, and other fabric-based wrappings for cut flower packaging, helps these new entrants stand out among their competitors.
  • Leading manufacturers such as A-ROO Company are focusing on providing “Earth-Friendly Packaging Solutions” for cut flower packaging to reduce impact of packaging waste on the planet.

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