Reopening of Educational Institutes Creates Business Opportunities during Coronavirus Situation

Sewing machines are in high demand in Japan amidst the ongoing COVID-19 era, as Japanese mothers are keen on sewing fabric bags for their children, owing to the start of nursery and elementary school classes during the months of April and March. Some companies in the sewing machine market are increasing their efforts to conduct online classes to encourage mothers and other individuals to learn sewing.

In 2020, when coronavirus was at its peak in March and April, companies in the Japan sewing machine market witnessed a high demand for machines to make DIY facemasks. This trend is predicted to sustain in the first and second quarter of 2021, since schools and educational institutes are set to reopen.

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Limited Features, No Free Arm in Industrial Models Weigh Down Sales

One of the key employment generation industries, sewing, is under scrutiny for innovations in the technology used for various industrial purposes. Although industrial sewing machines have advantages of being durable, customizable, and are easy to use, its disadvantages are weighing down sales. For instance, industrial sewing machines are found to have very limited set of features and in some cases no free arm, which leads to the need for a domestic sewing machine. Hence, companies in the sewing machine market are diversifying their industrial models for garments as well have heavy-duty applications.

Companies in the sewing machine market are educating users about the head, motor, and table of industrial models to help individuals make an informed purchase decision.

Strategic Partnerships Lead to Design of Robust Flat Bed Industrial Sewing Machines

The sewing machine market is projected to reach the valuation of US$ 5 Bn by 2030. The rapidly growing eCommerce platforms are helping machine manufacturers expand their production budgets. Innovations in flat bed industrial sewing machines are grabbing the attention of users. Brother Industries— a Japan-based multinational electronics and electrical equipment company, has joined forces with Pegasus, a specialist in sewing technology, to introduce its Stain Free series and Zebra Stitch machines.

Manufacturers in the sewing machine market are increasing their production capabilities in lockstitch sewing models to meet the needs of users in the apparel industry.

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PC, Wi-Fi Enabled Sewing Machines Deliver Precision Control for Users

The growing number of hobbyists and small commercial establishments have caught the attention of companies in the sewing machine market. In this regard, Usha International— one of India’s leading consumer durable manufacturing & marketing companies, has introduced PC (personal computer) and Wi-Fi enabled sewing machines under its popular Usha Janome Memory Craft range.

Technologically superior features in sewing machines are being preferred by serious sewists who demand precision control and perfection. Manufacturers are tapping into incremental opportunities in the India sewing machine market, since sewing is growing as a hobby. Easy to use sewing cum embroidery machines with USB port for inserting customized designs are in high demand.

Stitch Regulator Technologies Help Beginners Master Free Motion Techniques

Patented innovations for mastering free motion stitching are helping manufacturers gain recognition in the sewing machine market. For instance, Bernina International AG— a privately-owned international manufacturer of sewing and embroidery systems, is gaining recognition for reinvesting a large share of its cash flow into product development of the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR).

Free motion stitching is necessary to eliminate the hassle associated with maintaining a consistent stitch length. Free motion techniques help sewists to keep the stitch length even and consistent, as the fabric is guided without the assistance of the feed dogs. Companies in the sewing machine market are increasing their R&D in stitch regulator technologies to help beginners master free motion techniques. These technologies are significantly reducing the time to learn free motion techniques.

Sewing Machine Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest research report on the global sewing machine market for the historical period 2018–2019 and the forecast period 2020–2030, usage of sewing machines in industrial sectors and increasing demand for technical textiles are factors expected to boost the global sewing machine market during the forecast period
  • In terms of revenue, the global sewing machine market is estimated to reach the value of US$ 5 Bn by 2030, expanding at a CAGR of 4% during the forecast period

Technical Textiles Drive Demand for Industrial Sewing Machines Globally: A Key Driver

  • Technical textiles, also known as functional fabrics, hold significant importance across various industries, including agriculture, construction, and energy & power
  • Their demand across industries is likely to rise in the upcoming years, as these fabrics have high strength, high thermal resistance, superior insulation, and elevated tendency
  • Furthermore, the need for such functional clothes is likely to grow, as activities in construction and agriculture industries continue to expand, thus contributing to the demand for industrial sewing machines used for manufacturing functional textile products