Cool Ideas To Make Candle Boxes At Home With Raw Material

custom candle boxes

Candles allow a room to look relaxing and beautiful. These are amazing gifts that you can give to your loved ones. Candles are available in different scents as well as colors. Therefore, you can find the best one that you want. If you buy some candles or if you make them at home by yourself, you can create attractive-looking candle boxes to package these in. It is an exciting way to personalize the candles and give them as a gift to someone.

The following are some cool ideas to make custom candle boxes at home:

Get strong packaging material

The packaging material you choose for the boxes will influence how strong they turn out to be. The boxes can keep the product safe if you select the right material. No one will like to get a damaged candle. It becomes rather useless.

The material should be suitable for the candle also. It must not harm it in any way. Wholesale candle boxes can be made with material like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are all sturdy options that will keep the candle protected.

They are also environmentally-friendly and so you will be limiting your carbon footprint. If you are selling the candles, potential customers will view your brand as a sensible and responsible one.

The material should not congest the candles that they melt.

Get the right size box

The size of your candle boxes is also important. You need to get the right size box as it will enhance the safety of the product. If the box is too big, your candle will move around and can get damaged. One that is small can result in the box breaking and the candle getting affected.

You will be saving money if you get the right size packaging. The extra money used on unnecessary material will not be present. Transportation costs will be less if the candles need to be transported.

Measure the product that needs to be placed in the box carefully. If you need to keep some space for filler material, keep this point in mind.

Keep receiver in mind

If you want to sell the candles or give them as a gift to someone, you should keep the consumer base in mind. You can then design custom candle boxes so that they appeal to them.

Know the age, gender, geographical location, shopping habits of these people. Candles are often brought by teenagers and adults. Ladies are more attracted to the product.

The boxes will therefore be elegant and sophisticated. You can choose chic colors and decent images to include on them.

Use some twine along with parchment paper

If you want to give the packaging a rustic and elegant look, you can consider this option. You will need some standard parchment or good packaging paper, decorative twine, as well as a set of alphabet stamps plus ink.

Begin by cutting the parchment paper into some squares. Keep the size of your candle in mind. For instance, if you are packaging a medium-sized glass candle the squares can be 10”x10”. Fold in the corners to wrap the candle. The folds may be secured with some glue. Tie the twine so that it goes around the candle.

To give the Custom Packaging Boxes a finishing touch, employ the stamps as well as ink to print the scent that the candle has upon the parchment. These types of wholesale candle boxes are not expensive to make and they look amazing. You will give your candles an amazing personal touch.

Ribbons, bows, and other accessories

You can also use ribbons, bows, etc. to make simple candle boxes look more amazing. If you have the right size cardboard box lying around you can take it. The candle should be able to fit in it perfectly. The box can have a lid that opens.

If you want, you may add some color paper to the box. Stick it with some glue. The color can be related to the scent of the candle. A ribbon may be tied around the box. You may add some accessories like a handwritten note. Dry flowers, leaves, etc. can also be included to give the packaging a more natural touch.

The string may even be tied around the box or candle. This also gives a natural and personal touch to the packaging.

Some tips to keep in mind when packaging the candles

Many modern candles are found in containers like those made of glass, wood, tin. These are relatively simple to package, mostly if they are contained. The candles that do not have containers possess slightly different requirements. The containers need to be kept in mind as well because if they are fragile, you need to package them carefully. Consider the heat factor as well so that the candles do not melt.

Those candles that are in glass jars and containers, or some very huge candles, you will have to employ heavy-duty boxes so that the weight can be supported. If the candles tend to be tealights and votive ones, these will not weigh much. They can be put in smaller and lighter boxes.

Make sure to individually wrap all candles. You can do this with tissue or wax paper. The surface of your candle can be protected in this way. You will also be isolating any scents as well as stopping them from mixing during shipping. Fragile candles should have an extra layer of bubble wrap.

You can make exciting candle boxes that are attractive and make the product look more beautiful. However, remember to get strong packaging material to put the product in so that it remains safe. Keep the features of the candle in mind allowing you to get the best packaging that will keep it safe. Remember that candles can melt when they are exposed to heat, be careful that this does not happen