Condition Monitoring Equipment Market 2023 : Up-To-Date Analyses Of Industry Trends And Technological Improvements

Condition monitoring is the monitoring process of a set of conditions in machines. It is used to recognize significant change to indicate the fault. This is one of the major components of predictive maintenance. The condition monitoring allows scheduled maintenance and other actions to be taken so as to avoid failure. This equipment is used in rotating equipment and different machineries which includes electric motors, pumps and presses. To identify the problems and preventing the problems, machine conditioning equipment is one of the most effective maintenance tools.

Condition Monitoring Equipment Market: Drivers and Restraints

The condition monitoring market is primarily driven by the increasing demand of smart factories. The demand of smart factories is increasing rapidly which means the factories are likely to be autonomous. These needs different machinery equipment that at some point of time wears out due to tear, corrosion and surface degradation. In order to identify and prevent those problems condition monitoring equipment are necessary. Moreover, the condition monitoring market is also driven by the increasing remote monitoring. Remote monitoring helps to remotely operate the condition monitoring equipment with or without physical presence. It helps to notify when there is any change in condition in the machineries. Thus it helps in preventing failure of the machines.

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The condition monitoring market is also driven by the growing wireless technology in this market. There are number of barriers like high cost of installation in hazardous areas, moving machines where fixed cabling is difficult. To overcome these barriers wireless technology are used. It eliminates the requirement for hardwiring for communications. It reduces the installation cost, convenience, reliability and portability

The major restraint of the condition monitoring market is the unpredictable maintenance time frame. The time frame is uncertain for maintenance. Time taken for maintenance of the machines by this condition monitoring equipment varies, depending upon the condition of wear out of the machines. Another important restraint of the condition monitoring market is up gradation of outdated equipment. Up gradation of the old machinery result in change in configurations and settings of the upgraded installed machines.

The major opportunity of global condition monitoring equipment market is the rising demand of wind energy market. wind turbines are remotely operated and are exposed to harsh and variable weather conditions. Moreover, these external variations, wind turbines frequently undergo changing loads. Due to this, the wind turbines require maintenance in order to provide reliable, cost effective and safe power output with long equipment life. The maintenance is categorized in major groups including preventive maintenance, predicative and reactive maintenance. Another major opportunity in the condition monitoring market is the introduction of cloud technology. Cloud technology helps in reducing the cost, easy maintenance, highly flexible and is secured.

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Condition Monitoring Equipment Market: Segmentation

The Condition Monitoring Equipment Market has been categorized based on product types which include Ultrasound emission, vibration monitoring, thermography, corrosion monitoring, lubricating oil analysis and others. Moreover, the market is segmented based on application Automotive, Defense, Marine, Chemicals, Oil and gas, power and energy and others. Geographically the condition monitoring market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World.

The major players in Condition Monitoring Equipment Market are Emerson Process Management, Honeywell International Inc., General Electric Company, National Instruments Corporation, SKF AB, Rockwell Automation, Inc., Parker Hannifin Corporation, Brüel & Kjaer Vibro GmbH, Azima Dli Corporation, Fluke Corporation among others.

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