Cedar wood Oil Industry Perspective, Comprehensive Analysis, and Forecast 2025

Cedar wood essential oil is extracted from the juniperus virginiana plant species belonging to the Cupressaceae family native to Eastern North America. The cedar tree grows up to 30 meters and lives about a 1000 years. Cedar wood exhibits a rich color, warm temperature, and woody scent. Cedar wood oil is employed in skin care across the globe due to its numerous health benefits. The process of extracting essential oil from cedar wood involves distillation of steam in pieces of wood. Key components present in this oil include cedrol, widdrol, thujopsene, alpha cederene, beta cedrene, and a range of sesquiterpines. Cedar wood was brought into focus by the chemical selection working group (CSWG) as a widely used insect repellent. The extracted crude oil is yellowish or darker in color. No additives, chemicals, or solvents are used at any point during the recovery process.

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There are three distinct types of cedar wood oil, namely Texas cedar wood oil, virginiana cedar wood oil, and Western red cedar. The oil harvested from J. virginiana is known in the essential oils trade as ‘virginiana’ and it is recovered from the process of partial pressure steam distillation of saw dust, old stumps, chipped logs, and others. The oil harvested from J. ashei is called Texas cedar wood oil. It does not compete with the virginiana variety, which is primarily used for its fragrance formulas. Texas cedar wood oil, on the other hand, is employed in the manufacture of chemical derivatives. By product type, virginiana cedar wood oil is categorized into different groups namely natural cedar wood perfume, biotin shampoo for men, fly repellent ointment, and others. Its applications include aroma therapy, cosmetics & skin care products, and toiletries. Geographically, this market is distributed over Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Asia Pacific is a highly attractive region for the cedar wood oil market and exhibits rapid growth due to the high economic growth resulting from the presence of emerging countries such as China in the region.

Rising skin care benefits of cedar wood oil including its sedating capabilities which cause relief from itching are predicted to drive this market during the forecast period. The oil’s astringent action works on acne, hair dandruff, as well as oily skin issues. It has a calming and soothing effect which relieves the mind from all kinds of anxiety. Cedar wood oil also helps combat chest and urinary infections and is even used as a general tonic, apart from having a pronounced effect on membranes. However, the lack of public knowledge about all these benefits is restraining the development of the cedar wood oil market. Awareness about its various uses needs to spread globally and target all sections of the population.

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Key participants operating in the industry include Foreverest Resources Ltd, Essential oil in., SSS biotic.com, Texarome, Venus Enterprise Limited, Mother Herbs & Agro Products, Henan Allgreen Chemical Co., Ltd, Finetech Industry Limited, ORCHID Chemical Supplies Ltd, Shanghai Eykits, Wuhan Shenqu Biological Chemical Co., Ltd., and Grayden CedarWorks.

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