Cavitated BOPP Film Market: An Overview

Cavitated BOPP film is expected to have significant growth owing to the growing demand from the food industry. The largest end-use industry of the cavitated biaxially polypropylene (BOPP) film is the food industry for packaging of wafers, ice-creams, chocolates and bottle labels. To create the tiny cavities during the manufacturing process, the film is oriented biaxially after extrusion along with vertical and horizontal stretching that gives the pearly appearance and reduces the density of the film. The cavitated BOPP film is used as a wrap or as laminating film for food and industrial packaging. Cavitated BOPP film is the unique cost-competitive alternative to other BOPP film or plain BOPP film due to its better slip control feature, broad seal range and high yield with a reduced environmental footprint. The feature of printing on cavitated BOPP film provides product information which makes easy for customers to decide between buying that particular product.

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Cavitated BOPP Film Market: Dynamics

Increasing per capita income across the globe is escalating the demand for packed food which in turn is expected to boost the cavitated BOPP film market. The increasing demand for innovating BOPP films for packing is fuelling the cavitated BOPP film market. Manufacturers are continuously finding the new application area for cavitated BOPP film which is expected to take cavitated BOPP film market to a new level during the forecast period. Water resistance and gas barrier property of the cavitated BOPP film is the factor driving the cavitated BOPP film market. BOPET films have a negative impact on the environment and are largely replaced by BOPP film which is contributing to the growth of the cavitated BOPP film market. Reprocessing and recyclability of cavitated BOPP film is another factor driving cavitated BOPP film market. The pricing of the cavitated BOPP film is directly coupled with the pricing of polypropylene which relates to the pricing of the crude oil. However, the pricing of the crude oil is continuously increasing and so the cavitated BOPP films to have higher rates during the forecast period.

Key Development- Toray Plastics recently launched white cavitated BOPP film named Torayfan MWX6 especially for gas-flushed packaging application.

Cavitated BOPP Film Market: Segmentation

Globally, the Cavitated BOPP Film Market is segmented on the basis of thickness, application and end use which is further segmented as:

On the basis of thickness, the cavitated BOPP film market is segmented as:

  • 10-30 micron
  • 30-50 micron
  • 50-80 micron

On the basis of application, the cavitated BOPP film market is segmented as:

  • Wrapping
  • Lamination
  • Labels

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Cavitated BOPP Film Market: Regional Outlook

Rapid economic growth in Asia Pacific region especially in emerging economics such as China and India is anticipated to create opportunities for cavitated BOPP film market. Per capita spending on packed food is rapidly increasing in countries like India which is further boosting the cavitated BOPP film market. Europe and North America cavitated BOPP film market is expected to witness slow growth rate as compared to other region due to well established market of packaging films in these regions. Latin America and MEA is anticipated to represent lucrative growth opportunities for the cavitated BOPP film manufacturers.

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