Catholic Booster Catholic Blog Staying Online Despite Reopening of Catholic Churches

Catholic Booster founder Ryan Bilodeau is pledging to continue the work of Catholic Booster despite the fact that Catholic Churches are reopening around the United States.


Michael J. O’Loughlin recently reports for America Magazine:


Catholics eager to return to their parishes, nearly all of which have been closed in the United States for nearly two months because of the coronavirus, are getting a sense of what Masses might look like when churches reopen their doors. Despite a high degree of uncertainty, it is safe to say life as Catholics knew it will not look—or sound—the same for some time. Catholic leaders in many states, including Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin, have announced guidelines about how churches will reopen, with many including gradual phase-ins that begin with small celebrations that incorporate social distancing measures.

I launched the Catholic Booster website in order to help edify Catholics at a time when churches were closed. However, even though churches are reopening, many are still planning on staying home due to the fear of getting sick. For that reason I plan to keep highlighting acts of heroic pandemic faith,” remarked Ryan Bilodeau

 A few months into its existence, Catholic Booster is proving the desire for spiritual growth among Catholics with churches closed through its growing number of followers on social media and visits on its website.

Ryan Bilodeau commented, “Our social media growth and web traffic has been consistently growing. I believe this is because Catholics feel lost without the sacraments, and are seeking support wherever it is available.”