Mozilla launches GeckoView-powered Firefox Preview for Android

Mozilla is making changes in mobile browsing with a new version of Firefox for Android . We have been testing the beta of this new Firefox, dubbed "Firefox Preview", and we...

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Challenge US Customs Taxes

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have asked US authorities to remove video game consoles from the list of products hit by potential new taxes on imports from China, according to a letter...

GPS Error Leads 100 motorists to get stuck in the mud

An accident forced many motorists en route to Denver airport to take a detour. Trusting the Google Maps app, a hundred of them ended up in a field last Sunday. According to...

Huawei equipment is the most vulnerable to hackers: report

For the past two months, Huawei has faced a multitude of problems. A new report overwhelms the Chinese juggernaut. Based on the results of this recent research, the firm's devices...

Two hours a week in nature, the minimum dose for your well-being

Spending at least two hours a week in the wild would be the threshold for maintaining one's health and well-being, scientists say after analyzing data from a survey of 20,000 Britons. According...
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