6 Things to know about Canadian Immigration Rules and Procedures


People are always in search of a better life. And sometimes that requires you to leave your home and move to a different country. Usually, this is the last resort and most people have a hard time to leave their family behind as well as their friends.

However, when you cannot find a job and you don’t know where to look for it any longer, there’s no other solution for you but to move to a developed country. The unemployment and the difficult financial situation in most under-developed countries is forcing people to move to places such as the USA, Canada, or any of the Western European countries.

Why is Canada a popular destination?


Canada is one of the best countries to which you can immigrate. The reason for it is because they can accept people from all walks of life and from any corner of the planet. There are some requirements, rules and procedures, of course, but Canada is not nearly as strict as some other developed countries are.

They keep their borders open and in the following article, you will find what some of the rules and procedures are when immigrating to Canada are.

Know the Language

If you want to move to Canada, you will need to master one of the two official languages, depending on the region you want to move to. It is either English or French – or both. And it is important that you have the conversational knowledge of the language, but you will need to pass and submit the test together with your application.

Valid Documentation


Another important thing which you can prepare fairly quickly is valid documentation. You need to have the legitimate passport considering that you will travel to Canada. This all goes into your profile that the Canadian authorities need to have before they invite you to come and live in their country.

A Job


There are a few different ways in which you can enter Canada. And one of the best ones is through the express entry program either as a skilled worker or trade worker. The good news is that Canada accepts people with different jobs, whether they are truckers, drivers, butchers, electricians, managers, etc.

You can immigrate to Canada by finding a job prior to your move. However, you need to have worked in that field for at least one year in the last year in order to be eligible to find a job in the first place. Initially, finding a job will take more time, but once you do, moving to Canada will be much easier to finish.

You can always visit emigratecanada.com and see how to apply. They provide all the necessary information regarding your Canada immigration and they will help you move to this beautiful country.

Without a Job


There is a possibility for people to immigrate to Canada without finding employment first and that is why many people choose this beautiful country in the first place. This makes the process a lot easier if you want to move, but this will put some stress on you once you settle.

Life in Canada can be expensive and you will need to have some savings to start your life there, or someone you know who can help you out at first. Once you get there, you can start working and start living by yourself.

Whether you have a job or not the transition to another country is always difficult and it can take some time for you to get used to the life abroad. The Canadian culture is similar to the USA, something a lot of people who come here are exposed to in their own countries, but it is one thing to be exposed to it and another to live there.

The Ideal Candidate


Although Canada is pretty open to immigrants, they are much more welcoming to some people then another, which is a logical thing. For example, the ideal candidate should be less than 30 years old. That doesn’t mean that Canada will not accept anyone over 30, not at all. However, if you plan to move, it is better to do so when you are younger.

Furthermore, they are quite favorable to people with BAs and MAs. They are looking for the highly educated people who will have respectable jobs and contribute to their economy. Having said that, Canada is also looking for skilled and trade workers as well, jobs where you don’t need these degrees. So there’s plenty room for everyone.

We have already mentioned the importance of language and being proficient in English or French is another trait of an ideal candidate. What we didn’t mention is the high assessment score that can boost your profile.

Some of the other things include the prior experience and life in Canada. If you’ve already spent some time working in Canada before you applied for citizenship, you will be favored to those who’ve never been in the country. Also, it helps if you have some family who are living in Canada as well.

Some Other Rules and Procedures

Of course, there are some other ways in which you can enter Canada. You can do so if you are studying there and start working after college or through marriage with a Canadian citizen. These are all viable ways, but they aren’t that common as the Express Entry Program. The different set of rules applies to those ways of immigration so make sure you check those out.



Now that you know some basic rules and procedures, you should select one of these ways where you have the most chances. If you can find employment prior to applying, that would be advisable to do. If not, consult with the agency first and see what they recommend you do.

Canada remains one of the most open countries and it is always better to apply sooner than later. With the restrictions around the world getting stricter by the minute, you never can tell when Canada will shut their borders.