Blockchain Publisher Holds Secret Key to Antarctic Ice Ship Mystery

Conspiracy theorists on YouTube have identified what they claim is a 400 foot long “ice ship” off the coast of Antarctica using Google Earth. A new book offers a tantalising explanation of what this mysterious ice structure that resembles a cruise ship may actually be: the remains of an ancient civilisation, frozen in time by an ice volcano.

Speculations as to the origin and nature of this mysterious ice vessel abound. Claims made by YouTube commenters range from it being an abandoned WWII base, to an elaborate hoax, to a secret vessel hidden beneath the ice to evacuate the super-wealthy to another planet in the event of a global disaster.

Canadian blockchain-based publisher, Lost Books, however, asserts it is possibly a remnant of the lost prehistoric crypto-civilisation of Quatria, and says it has the blockchain records to prove it. “We can’t say too much just yet, but we’ve been able to put together some really compelling evidence from ancient texts and other sources,” says the publisher. The find has also sparked excitement and controversy among followers of alternative archaeologist Graham Hancock’s theory of an ancient globe-spanning culture centered in Antarctica, some of whom believe it is now being proven true by the discovery.

Conspiracy theorists on YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and other online forums have long debated the existence of Quatria, and have identified what they say are hundreds, if not thousands, of sites of crypto-archaeological significance which support their theories. Some of these videos have attracted hundreds of thousands of views, but all are officially unconfirmed.

The first volume of this incredible series from Lost Books is entitled “The Lost Direction,” and is available now on Amazon and on the Ethereum-backed Bookchain in ebook form, or Lulu in pocket-size trade paperback.