Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Content has always been important in search engine optimization. In 2023 content marketing and content strategy is a part of search engine trend. In fact search engines’ algorithms look at all aspects of a website in order to rank it in their search engine results. SEO processes such as: on page and off page search engine optimization are important.

According to Maria Johnsen companies should seriously invest on blockchain based digital marketing and advertising. In  Blockchain in Digital Marketing  Maria Johnsen explained about Blockchain technology and its impact on digital marketing processes. The author discusses about the future of blockchain in digital marketing and to what extend using blockchain tools is feasible in online marketing processes.

She explains the impact machine learning in blockchain and how blockchain can improve various digital marketing processes.

“ Online marketers and organizations use outdated marketing tools which have security issues. Many SEO, search marketing and digital marketing agencies and companies use buggy tools and as a result hurt their customers’ websites. They either provide a temporary ranking solution which would be outranked within a short amount of time after the payment is made or never get results and blame it on Google Algorithm or any other search engine algorithm. In some cases worst case scenario is to fire their employees. A search marketing and SEO expert relies on an agency or company’s in-house tools in order to provide quality results. If these tools are outdated, their campaigns won’t work and it has nothing to do with SEO or PPC experts’ performances. We are talking about dealing with A.I search engines now. 99.9% of these companies have SEO and PPC measurement tools which measure ranking and Pay Per Click( PPC) performance. However the majority of these tools are not A.I and Blockchain based. They reveal a website’s data to competitor and as a result they create war among companies in every niche. These companies want to outrank each other and as a result exhaust their marketing budgets every year with a little result. The reason they survive online is due to the efforts of their cold calling department and email marketing departments. We are the creature of habit and comfortable with running our marketing routines. We dislike change! But how long is this going to last? Security is the major concern in organizations. We should get used to the habit of accepting change. In this book we will dive into the significance of using A.I blockchain technology and at the end conclude our finding.” Says Maria Johnsen

This book is now available online and in bookstores in Europe and North America.